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5 Signs You Are In A Need For Change

Written by: Eszter Zsolt, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

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There are several reasons why someone decides to change their life. Some people are lucky enough to know how to answer the straightforward question: what do you want to change? But others need a little help even to realize the need for change. Noticing the following signs should at least get you thinking, and when you are, try to answer the question as honestly as you can. It's more complicated than it seems, but definitely worth it! Here are 5 signs you are in need of change!

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Here are 5 signs you are in need of change!

1. You can't remember the last time you felt genuinely happy

I've seen it so many times: the tears in their eyes when they can't answer the question: when was the last time you felt truly happy? We are so stressed out, always on edge, and ready for the next problem to occur we forget to be in the moment. What does "being happy" mean to you? What makes you happy? What do you need to change to feel happy more often?

2. You are stuck on a hamster wheel

You have the same daily routine, eat-sleep-work-repeat, doing the same unsatisfying job for years, meeting the same people, and nothing changes. You do not need to be creative and not have to think everything's just fine as it is. Is it? Don't you want to break the pattern sometimes? How could you be more spontaneous? What changes could make your life more exciting? What would make you feel more in charge of your own life?

3. Your sleep quality is terrible

You either find it hard to fall asleep, wake up during the night, or get out of bed exhausted. We all know about the risks of lack of sleep, yet this is something we are so easy to put on the end of

our priority list. Here, you can find some handy tips on improving your sleep quality.

4. You are overwhelmed by life

Sometimes life can be too much. Problems and tasks can seem never-ending and more and more difficult. Adulting is hard. You have to make all the decisions; you have all the responsibilities no wonder you get tired of everything. How could you let the stress go? How could you minimize the everyday stress? What would help to ease your mind? Maybe you could try some of these tips.

5. You always pull out the same excuses for doing better

Most of my clients came to me knowing very well what they needed to change many of them even had an idea about how to! But they always had a good excuse not to change (enough). "I know I have to go to bed earlier, but I wanted to finish the last episode," or "I know I should not eat chocolate, but my boyfriend brought me a box of candies." What is your "but"? Do you genuinely want what you think you want? Is it an intrinsic motivation, or do you feel the pressure from others?

Changes can be challenging, but living the same life that makes you unhappy could be even more challenging. Stop hesitating and take your first (tiny) step today!

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Eszter Zsolt, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Eszter Zsolt, health coach and nutritionist has had her struggles with her own health- both mentally and physically. She started to study nutrition to heal herself and found a lifelong passion in helping others make the best decisions about their own health and lives. Her mission is to ease the process of lifestyle changing, weight loss, and dietary changes for everyone in need.



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