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5 Reasons Why People Fail To Manifest Success

Written by: Tiffany Griffin, Executive Contributor

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Manifestation is a really simple concept. It is so simple that you would think everybody would be able to do it. However, many people fail to manifest, and the reasons are listed below.

  1. Being negative. When you are manifesting success, you need to think of positive thoughts and reject all the negativity. Start by saying positive statements. For example, say, “I can lose weight.” Don’t say, “I can’t lose weight.” Say, “I am a happy person, and happiness flows in my life” Don’t say, “I am so depressed.”

  2. You must believe you already have what you are asking for. The universe is very literal, if you say. “I want to be wealthy and successful,” the universe is going to reply, “Oh, you want these things. I am going to make sure you keep wanting them.” When you already believe you are wealthy and successful, the universe has to match that energy, hence manifesting.

  3. Wanting superficial desires. When you are manifesting, your desires must be congruent in every part of yourself. For example, if you desire money on an ego surface, you might desire to grow in other aspects deep down spiritually. So hence your manifestation doesn’t work.

  4. Not knowing specifically what you want. You are unaware of the choices that are available to you. Society has set expectations for you. They prefer people who are rich and beautiful. So you try to manifest yourself to become like that. This is not going to work. You need to open your eyes to everything that is happening around you. Don’t live your life according to society’s expectations. Manifest your own desires for yourself!

  5. Unable to visualize creatively. When people are told to visualize their desires, most of them just visualize them holding the object of the desires. Remember the more vivid your visualizations are, the more real it becomes.

Once you know what is stopping you from manifesting yourself, you can now try and improve yourself.

Remember: Manifestation is such a simple concept, but you might not get it if you are doing it for all the wrong reasons. So get your reasons right and practice! The more practice you have, the easier it becomes for you to manifest yourself to success!

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Tiffany Griffin, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Tiffany Griffin is an Energy and Spiritual Coach. She worked for a multi-billion dollar company for 6 years as a Sr. Analyst. She managed 5 Analysts, created training material, and trained new employees. After coming into her spiritual awakening she quit her job and opened her own business. Her life extends to childhood trauma, domestic abusive relationships, child molestation, and drug addiction. After healing her past traumas and learning to truly love herself completely, she has made it her mission to do the same for others. She shines her light so others can find their way out of the darkness.



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