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3 Questions To Ask – A Leader's Guide To Building A Profitable Business That Feels Good, Too

Emily Greenway is a trauma-informed mindset coach specializing in working with women who are ready to feel in control of their lives. She utilizes a holistic approach in her coaching using a scientific foundation accompanied by the spiritual, allowing for sustainable change based on health behavior theory and neuroscience.

Executive Contributor Emily Greenway

Feeling like your business/career is booming right over your well-being? You're not alone. This article cracks the code on building a successful venture that fuels your soul, not just your bank account. Learn the 3 key questions to ask yourself to achieve profitability and fulfillment, ditch the burnout, and build a business you love.

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Building a profitable business without sacrificing your well-being: 3 key questions

Building a business and standing out in your field is hard work. But is the potential reward of a successful business worth sacrificing your relationships and personal well-being? Many entrepreneurs and leaders get caught in this trap, focusing on building empires at the cost of their mental and emotional health.

A report from Startup Snapshot found that a staggering 72% of business founders struggle with their mental health and over half report feeling stressed about their business. This disconnect between success and fulfillment is a major problem.

Creating a business shouldn't be about chasing external validation or the next big thing. It should be about building something aligned with your purpose and values. Here's the key: success needs intention. Just hoping your business will "feel good" isn't enough. You need to actively weave that desire for fulfillment into the core of what you do.

As you grow in your role or business, start asking yourself these three key questions:

  • Question 1: What are my values (personally and professionally) and how are they integrated into my business model/career path?

  • Question 2: When I think about my "why," am I speaking from true internal alignment or the need to please others?

  • Question 3: Is how I do business/work a representation of the legacy I want to leave behind?

These questions are the cornerstone of true success. When your mindset, values, and goals are all aligned, you create from a place of service rather than ego. This leads to a more fulfilling experience and success that extends beyond just financial gain.

Remember, you are building a life, not just a business. As you carve your path to becoming a stand-out leader, take care of your energy, focus on a positive mindset, and consider the impact you want to make.

Intention leads to creation. When your business aligns with your soul's purpose, you build something meaningful and lasting.

Ready to build a profitable business that feels good too? Grab my Relationship Clarity Blueprint, a framework that will help you achieve your dream life with yourself, others, and the world.


Emily Greenway is a mindset coach focused on deep internal healing. She is a certified life and mindfulness coach and obtained her Master's in Public Health specializing in health behavior theory in 2018. Her research background in emotional regulation and trauma-informed modalities spearheaded the way for her to create her own company, Reclamation Academy, focused on empowering women to heal their trauma and create a life that is authentic and unique to them. She believes that when we heal, the world heals.



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