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3 Practical Tips To Adopt In December To Ensure Quick Body Detox In The New Year

Written by: Aliona Andrejeva, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Aliona Andrejeva

December is already in a full swing leaving us with only a few weeks to spare for the final festive preparations.

Young woman enjoying the glass of healthy smoothie in the kitchen after workout.

Traditionally, this month is a perfect time to reflect on the year, show our gratitude and appreciation to loved ones, and hopefully finally get some time for mindfulness. However, of course, there is another side to December…

Late night team events, few too many catch ups with friends, desire to attend every single festive event in the city (at least for those with FOMO, just like me!), and of course major gatherings with family. What an amazing time of the year it is!

Now, let’s be honest, in high spirits and jolly mood, one way or another even the sternest of us will overindulge. And it’s absolutely fine! Afterall, this is what festive season is all about. Otherwise, where would the “New Year’s Resolutions” come from? Let’s keep “the guilt trip” for January and celebrate December as it deserves.

Now, if you are not planning to be completely reckless and happy to celebrate responsibly, then I have 3 practical tips that will help to minimise the festive effect on your body. This will help to speed up the recovery and detox time in the New Year and give more time to focus on that “to-do” list.

  1. Consume enough fluids (free from ABV/Surag, non-carbonated). Make sure there is enough water in your body to flush the maximum amount of toxins. Water will help kidneys to filtrate the metabolic waster from our system and flush the toxins out. The less of those you accumulate during the festive period, the faster your recovery will be. It will also help to keep your blood sugar at the right level ensuring no dangerous spikes. Sugar spikes can lead to various inflammatory processes in the body as well as skin. Top tip: kick start your morning with a cup of warm water and fresh lemon! Lemon is an amazing antioxidant high in Vit C and will help to speed up the digestion.

  2. Focus on activating the lymphatic system. Lymphatic system is a vital part of our immune system. It helps to fight bacteria and viruses (especially important function during this cold weather), reliefs symptoms of IBS, and clears/ flushes any excess fluids from the body and tissues. As you may know, before any medical procedure a good doctor will always recommend having at least a few lymphatic massage treatments done to activate the lymphatic system. This will help to recover faster. Salty, processed foods high in sugar and sodium will always negatively impact fluids retention in the body (meaning more fluids will be kept in). The above means we will be more likely to wake up bloated, gassy, and swollen. However, unlike blood system, lymphatic doesn’t have the “main pump” (like heart) and relies heavily on the muscle activities. To ensure a good lymphatic flow, it is highly advisable to get enough daily movement, practice deep diaphragmatic breathing, and book a lymphatic massage treatment.

  3. Include antioxidant foods in your daily meals. Antioxidants help to combat free radicals. What are those? The easiest way to understand what free radicals are (without going into physics) is to think about a single person attending couples-only event. Unfortunately, some couples will be at risk! Free radicals are highly unstable molecules that are missing an electron (a couple). To stabilise, they need to “steal” that electron from another molecule. Antioxidants are those highly stable molecules that are happy to give away an electron without being compromised. Processed and fried foods, alcohol, cigarettes, and sugar all produce a high level of free radicals. To neutralise them, we need to consume enough antioxidant foods high in Vit C, Vit E, Zinc, Potassium and Vit K. Most of antioxidants come from fruits and vegetables. Ensure your plate includes all different varieties and colours of fruit and vegetables this festive season!

I hope the above was easy enough to “digest” and possible integrate in your daily (hopefully) activities list this month. Remember, the less toxins you accumulate, the easier it will be to detox in the New Year.

If you would like any further information on the above or want to ask any other questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Wishing you and your loved ones the happiest and merriest festive season!

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Aliona Andrejeva Brainz Magazine

Aliona Andrejeva, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Aliona Andrejeva is an award-winning massage and facial therapist with a real passion for wellbeing. With 5-star rating across multiple platforms, Aliona takes real pride in her treatments and strives to provide excellent customer service to every client stepping through the door. Keen interest in human body mechanics as well as skin science have been the main reasons for her to pursue this career path. Aliona believes that although beauty and wellness industry seems to be oversaturated, this industry is also the most dynamic, which makes it such a great platform for discovering new ways of bringing balance and wellbeing into our daily lives.



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