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3 Founders Having An Impact On Home Care In 2023

Written by: Julia Akinyooye RN MSN, Executive Contributor

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In honor of Black History Month-Celebrating 3 Black Owned Home Care Businesses' success, learn why they chose to be an independent home care business owner versus a franchisee and how they are making an imprint on the home care industry in 2023.

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The home care industry is continuously growing despite the pandemic. This service-based business significantly impacts our community, has high job satisfaction, keeps the sick safe in their homes, contributes significantly to the workforce, and can be very profitable.

Home care businesses are highly fragmented and consist of independently owned agencies, franchises, and corporations with a hospital system or facility affiliation.

When researching the ins and outs of the home care industry before starting a home care business, many entrepreneurs question whether they should open an independent home care business versus a franchise home care agency. They also ponder if the industry is as rewarding and profitable as people say. However, It is to be noted that small independent homecare businesses have great impact on the population they serve.

At Emmanuel Consulting Agency, we help home care business entrepreneurs build and cultivate 100% independently run home care businesses due to the more significant number of pros independent home care agencies offer. As an independent agency owner, there are no restrictions on how you run your business as long as you are within your state regulations.

Some pros include:

  • The ability to create their unique company name, logo, mission, and vision of the business

  • Explore opportunities to serve an array of clients in many different areas, populations, and ailments, without territory restrictions

  • It has a broader market to explore and focuses on multiple payor sources that help contribute to the job market.

Independently owned home care agencies help close the gap underserved areas face, gives the flexibility to offer the private pay market a premium concierge service, and enables agencies to focus on serving culturally diverse patients. It can also allow complete control over specialty training programs, including disease management, customized care plans, and robust training programs for employees. In addition, independent opportunities in peer support, mentorship, and career advancement within the home care industry have been the bonus for creating stability in the job market.

In honor of black history month here are three black owned independent home care businesses I have had the pleasure of building or interacting with within the home care space and would like to spotlight their story and achievements. While interviewing each owner to learn more about their success it was obvious that they are leaving a remarkable imprint on the home care industry today. There was a common theme in how they run their businesses. That is, with sincerity, passion, and dedication to provide quality top-notch homecare services for all.

Micah Eastman CEO of MMO NURSING PLLC in Midtown Manhattan

1. What made you choose to start a company in this industry?

Healthcare seems to be in our blood. We have doctors, nurses and various family members that always seems to work in various supportive roles within the industry.

2. Why did you decide to become a home care business owner?

It was a natural progression for us, since we already in that space as nurses for over a decade.

3. How did you come up with the name for your company?

MMO is the first letter of the name of the three owners. It's a play on the street vernacular Mo (for more). We want to give the patients the option to have more nursing hours if they wish to have it ensuring it is quality concierge level of care.

4. What made you choose your company's location? What are the advantages?

We're currently located in midtown Manhattan, and we choose our location because one that's where primarily we have most of our clients. The advantages include being within and part of the community that we serve. We are able to engage with our clients all while being in very close proximity to their homes.

Tutu Martin CEO of Total Care Services LLC in East Lansdowne, Pennsylvania

What is your company tagline?

Total Care, home care service on your terms.

What are your company's goals?

Our main goal is to inform potential clients about the services we provide and how they can obtain and access or home care resources and information. We want to be able to help anyone and everyone who needs these services, ready and accessible for them to use. We are coming into their homes, so the care is essentially on their terms. We are intentional about respecting each one of our clients’ homes.

What is the great impact you have had thus far, please give an example.

We know we have an impact when clients refer us to their friends and neighbors. In one building we worked for a single client and through that client we were able to provide services to four to six other clients.

How does your business compare to competitors in the market?

We are a small, knit staff that cater to each step of the process to find matches between caregiver and client. We are also minority-owned and operated. With a larger company, our clients tell us they must go through different clans of commands while it could take weeks or months on end.

What is unique about your company?

We are an intentionally small home care business who provides easy access to clients who are in need of the assistance to complete daily tasks. We have back up caregivers at the last minute. We give extensive background checks and screening for caregivers.

What is the best part about being a home care provider?

The best part of being a home care provider is the messages, reviews, and comments sent from our clients and their family members, employees about little things we do to change their day and the smiles we bring to their faces.

A. Hillary Seaton CEO of H A C Home Care LLC in Freehold, New Jersey

1. Why did you decide to become a home care business owner?

Starting a home care agency was something I always dreamed of, and as I get older the desire became more urgent. After working in the healthcare industry for many years, I noticed the need for a higher level of customer service that many homecare agencies were not providing; they lacked a sense of compassion and empathy. My goal was to create an agency that would provide quality service with a focus on treating our clients as individuals deserving of compassion and personalize care. As someone who has cared for many elderly family members, I understand how important it is to have support from someone who genuinely cares about client needs, so I wanted to find ways to pass my experience on through the business, so I formed H A C Home Care Agency.

My goal has been to ensure that clients receive not only the educational and medical support they need, but also emotional support from our team who are dedicated professional viewing them as human beings first and foremost. My ultimate vision was that all patients could enjoy their independence in their own homes with expert assistance and support from me and my team.

2. What is the best part about being a home care provider?

The best part about a homecare provider is seeing the difference I make in my client’s lives. It is such an incredible experience to see their faces light up when they have achieved something that seems impossible before or when they are able to regain independence in their homes. Seeing them smile and seeing the appreciation radiating from their faces is one of the most rewarding experiences of the job.

Additionally, being able to provide care to those in need and ensure that they are safe and comfortable is an incredible import part of the job, and I take pride in knowing that I am making a difference in the life of the patients. No two days are the same; every day brings new challenges and rewards, and it’s truly a pleasure to be able to call this my career.

The relationship I have built over time with clients and their families is something that I cherish. It is wonderful to watch a client progress and be with them on their journey of self-discovery. Building strong connections with those around me is something that I strive to do every day, and it’s one of the parts of my job.

I am so grateful to be part of a profession that provides such meaningful work and experiences. Being a homecare provider brings me immense joy, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

3. What would you say the greatest impact you have on the industry you serve?

The greatest impact that I have had on the homecare industry with the formation of H A C Home Care Agency is my dedication to providing quality, customized care plans for each of my clients. I want every individual who turns to our agency to know that their needs and wishes are met and respected. To achieved this, we take extra time to sit down with each patient and determine what their specific requirements and preferences are. We then devise a plan that best suits their individual needs, while also keeping their families in the loop so they can be involved in the process.

Additionally, I have worked hard to create an agency culture where employees feel valued and respected. Our staff members go through training and ongoing education to ensure they have up-to-date information on the latest industry standards and trends. We go above and beyond to ensure that our staff has the resources they need to provide quality care and are able to take the initiative when necessary.

I believe that these efforts have made a positive impact on the homecare industry, as I strive to create an agency culture of compassion, respect and excellence. By keeping the patients’ needs at the center of all we do, I am proud to be a part of an organization that strives to provide top-notch homecare services.

4. Does your business give back to the community?

H A C Home Care Agency is dedicated to giving back to our community. We understand the importance of self-care and caring for others. Which is why we prioritize building relationships with those around us. Our team enthusiastically participates in volunteer opportunities and hosts regular events to give back. We understand that giving can come in many forms – forms donations and volunteering, to education and advocacy. We are passionate about investing our time in creating positive changes within our local community, as well as providing resources to empower people in need.

At our homecare business, we are committed to making a difference in the community. Our team works hard to provide top quality services and support for those in need, but that is only the beginning. We go above and beyond by hosting annual events for local youth groups and charities, donation proceeds from our merchandise sales towards essential projects in the region and collaborating with loke-minded business for addition fundraising initiatives. Giving back is at the heart of what we do, it’s how we make sure that everyone can benefit from our care and kindness, both now and into the future.

Join us in supporting black-owned businesses, not just during Black History Month but all year round. These three black owned businesses have inspirational leaders that are making a positive difference and impact every day of the year.

Thank you to the home care businesses that work tirelessly to ensure the community has the services that they need.

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Julia Akinyooye RN MSN, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Julia Akinyooye is the Chief Operating Officer at Emmanuel Consulting Agency Inc, a premium home care business consulting firm based in New York. Julia is a masters prepared professional Registered Nurse with over 15 years of experience serving the home care community as an operational consultant, former homecare business owner, & serial entrepreneur. Her mission is to provide homecare entrepreneurs, start-ups, & established businesses with premium training & education to ensure compliance with state regulations. She has developed & implemented frameworks & strategies to set owners up for success through hands-on execution of all necessary business tools to ensure a seamless & efficient run of business.



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