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2 Ways To Tap Into Your Superpower To Activate Abundance

Written by: Rita Roushdy, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


It's never just been about taking risks in your business...It's about following the right nudges that you know come from your intuition (and not your ego). But how do you know when it's your intuition speaking? You'll know because it will be coming from a place of love and hope.

Even though it might be the scary option that you know is the right step to take, it feels way out of your comfort zone.

Your intuition is in direct communication with the universe.

So when you ask for what you desire, what you receive in return will be guided to the path to your desires...

Your task becomes quite the noise of the world and the voice of fear within. And to clear your mind so that you can hear your intuition much clearer.

Release the fear

First of all, it's important that fear is nothing more than your subconscious mind giving you signals on how to stay safe... inside your comfort zone.

The comfort zone is where you have a level of certainty, where you know that 2+2=4. It's the realm of the known.

But the safety of the known has a price... your dreams and your desires for financial freedom.

When you release fear, this is what happens next:

  • You become unstoppable in taking action with excitement

  • You go after goals without anything holding you back

  • You start to play BIG

  • You show up with confidence

  • You sell with confidence

This is what you can do inside my 1-1 MMTP (Money Mindset Transformational program). An intimate program where we heal the root to create financial freedom in your business). Apply here.

Tap into your intuition

Your intuition is your guidance system. So pay attention to what you're guided to; people, situations, opportunities, and challenges. They all serve a purpose to your desired goal.

Pay attention to the nudges, ideas and downloads.

Create weekly or daily rituals and practices to listen to your heart/intuition. Here's an example practice.

Journal on the questions below:

  • What are my true desires?

  • How do I want to feel?

  • What's the right next move for me to achieve that?

And write what comes to mind for at least 10 minutes without censoring yourself.

For more info and to learn more about this and for the latest offerings, follow me on Instagram here.

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Rita Roushdy, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Rita Roushdy is an expert in the money mindset, uncovering subconscious limiting beliefs and supporting high-level women in becoming a powerful magnet for money.

After a decade of hustling hard but hardly being paid, leaving her depleted and wounded, Rita was on a mission to heal her relationship with money, knowing that it would be a lifelong journey beginning by healing herself first.

Rita’s purpose quickly became to share this secret with other women who desired to level up their businesses and finances to new heights of limitless abundance that spill into all areas of their lives.

Transforming society’s relationship with money, one woman at a time, Rita strives to uncover and release old limiting money paradigms that we’ve been programmed with.

Using an abundance of healing tools and techniques, she guides her clients, releasing anything that no longer serves them by healing old money wounds and deep-rooted beliefs, making space for what they truly desire to have more of in their lives, activating and allowing them to become magnetic to their dream clients.

She has supported her worldwide clients, reaching consistent £10K and £20K per month income goals and hitting their first £100K in business in less than 2 months of working together.

She’s been invited to share her expertise on money mindset and became a keynote speaker, all within the first year of entering the coaching space.



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