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  • 1 x article feature each month: Exclusive Interview, Expert Article, or News article

  • Feature in Expert Panel Editorials. The quickest way to get media coverage

  • A guaranteed spot on CREA Global Awards or the Brainz 500 Global Awards

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  • Access to our engaged 16.000+ community of business experts

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What our published partners has to say

"One of the most powerful things is the amazing relationships and network opportunities that have come just to be a part of the Brainz community. The amount of support is absolutely epic."

Daniel Mangena

PR & Media Partner

"The Brainz team are incredible to work with, and they are ferocious on social media. I highly recommend taking the opportunity with Brainz Magazine! It has been incredible!"

PR & Media Partner

"An Exclusive Interview with Brainz Magazine resulted in great positivity, and the exposure landed new clients and speaking opportunities."

PR & Media Partner

"I was featured on Brainz digital publication and after I have generated 26 000 impressions, and as a result, I was named a top 100 entrepreneur and innovator for 2022."

PR & Media Partner

"Having articles published has increased new audiences and given more exposure while building essential relationships."

PR & Media Partner

"I liked that Brainz Magazine was no cookie cutters. Working with the team was easy, simple, and enjoyable, and I can’t recommend Brainz Magazine enough."

Rob Angel

PR & Media Partner

Ready to grow your brand?

Are you looking for ways to get media coverage for your business? Stop wasting your efforts and start moving your brand forwards with a new approach that gets your business the media mentions and press coverage it deserves. Join the Brainz One-To-Watch List for free and unlock the power of media exposure. And you know what? It doesn’t have to cost your business a thing.

Align your brand with some of the world's most enterprising business influencers

Brainz Magazine operate at the very forefront of international publishing, reaching readers from over 65 countries and 6 continents worldwide. Now, you have the opportunity to align your brand with some of the world's most enterprising business influencers.


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Why is Media Coverage important for your brand?

Just one ultra-exclusive feature is all it takes to act as a trigger and get people talking. Media coverage has a snowball effect on your brand's profile. The increased visibility grows your awareness and puts you on the media's radar, generating even more opportunities for media exposure. In a world where big companies can drown out the voices of smaller brands, positive media coverage firmly establishes your credibility, bringing your business into the spotlight where it belongs.

Register today for opportunities to get free Media Coverage

Here's how to get Media Coverage for your business!

1. Complete the form. Our selection committee will review your details and assess the suitability of your brand in line with our core editorial topics. If approved, you’ll be added to the Brainz One-To-Watch List.

2.  After we approve your form submission, you will receive a confirmation email within 48h welcoming you to the Brainz One-To-Watch List, together with information about our current opportunities.

3. Whenever we see any updates, news, newsletters, or interesting information from your company, we will review the value of your content, and if it’s something we’d like to run as a story, we’ll reach out to you.

Plus! Our Brainz One-To-Watch List is our first port of call when we need to speak to an expert for a story or value focused-article. We may contact you if we need to research a topic within your area of expertise or want to gather quotes or insights. We will give full credit to your business for any contribution you make.

Join the ‘Brainz One-To-Watch List’

When competing with bigger brands, it’s harder for smaller companies to get media’s attention. Sign up for the Brainz One-To-Watch List, and the days of sending out hundreds of pitches to journalists (hoping to get media coverage) could be over! Join our exclusive Brainz One-To-Watch List, and we’ll keep our eyes on you instead!

What our readers have to say

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