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What our partners have to say:

“I was able to see an immediate ROI from being a part of the Brainz community. We saw new clients coming in the door after being featured and my network continues to grow.”

CEO of Done for You Copywriting

“One of the best decisions I made in turns of partnership and collaboration. It has enhanced my brand and visibility. I could not recommend an opportunity with Brainz more highly. You will definitely see an ROI”

Heather Alice Shea

CEO And Founder Of Atmana Academy

“I get people reaching out to me saying they found me on Brainz Magazine all the time. Being an executive contributor is a great value and I would highly recommend becoming one”

Maxwell Nee

Co-founder of High Performing Coach

Apply to become a PR & Media partner

We have developed an opportunity for big-thinking companies and commercial innovators to join us as PR & Media Partners and assist us in our mission to encourage entrepreneurial progress. Our partners can help us further serve our readers by sharing their expertise within the pages of our digital magazine while enjoying all the benefits that come with premium PR opportunities.


Social Media Reach


Organic Reach


Google Reviews




Domain Rating



6 x Article Features

 6 article features during a 6-month period: You can choose between Exclusive Interview, Expert Article, or News Article.

Expert Panel

Feature in Expert Panel Editorials. The quickest way to get media coverage when you are short on time and content ideas.

Business Award

Validate your expertise with a guaranteed spot on CREA Global Awards or the Brainz 500 Global Awards

SEO Analysis

Get a comprehensive Search Analysis and discover what topics your target audience is most interested in.

Social Media Exposure

Get effortless exposure and social media coverage for all your articles across the Brainz social media channels


Access to our engaged 16 000+ community, where you can promote your business and network

Get access to these partnership benefits:

Align your brand with some of the world's most enterprising business influencers

Brainz Magazine operates at the very forefront of international publishing, reaching readers from over 65 countries, across 6 continents worldwide. Our readers come to us for thought-provoking articles and interviews that cover a range of topics, exploring business innovations, leadership mindsets, aspirational lifestyles, and much more.​

With key insights from business experts worldwide and exclusive interviews with thought-provoking leaders like Netflix Co-founder Marc Randolph, UGG founder Brian Smith, Best-selling author Marisa Peer, and #1 Brain Coach Jim Kwik, Brainz Magazine has been listed as one of the best online business magazines in the world.

With every article feature, choose between three editorial styles

Level up your PR Strategy, increase your company’s brand awareness, and become the go-to company in your industry! Become a PR and Media Partner for guaranteed monthly coverage within the main pages of Brainz Magazine. Our partnership connects your business with the right audience through consistent and relevant media publicity, with several editorial options available to choose from. Select the editorial style that suits your PR objectives: Expert Article, News Article or Exclusive Interview.

Expert article: Share value-focused content with a wide audience

Expert Articles embody the very meaning of value-focused content. Typically focusing on "How To…" or "Top Tip…" topics, they are highly effective at gaining credibility with your potential leads. Sharing your knowledge to help others and solve their problems will turn readers into trusting and engaged leads. Due to their keyword-heavy titles, Expert Articles are typically super-charged for ranking high on Google.

Exclusive Interview: Position yourself as an authority in your industry

Effortlessly increase your brand's credibility with an Exclusive Interview and scroll-stopping headline. As a Brainz PR & Media Partner, you can showcase the valuable members of your team by featuring them in an Exclusive Interview article. Exclusive Interviews are published in the same style as our other High-Profile Interviews.

News Article: Turn your company updates into the latest business news

It’s time your brand hit the headlines - let us turn your business updates and announcements into hard-hitting, powerful news features! This is an exciting PR option for partners who want to see their updates published next to breaking news articles from the world’s biggest brands. Stand out from your competitors and announce the launch of a new products or services, a key hire in your company, or let people know about your latest financial successes.

You’ll also get access to these exclusive benefits:

Expert Panel: Get media coverage when you are short on time and content ideas

You can contribute to our Expert Panel articles in less time than it takes you to write a whole article. Every month, we pose targeted questions to a selected group of experts and collate all their answers into one value-loaded feature. The panel interviews will always include your business logo and website links.

Validate your expertise and knowledge with a business award

If we accept your business as a PR & Media Partner, we will automatically include you in the Brainz 500 Global Awards or the CREA Global Awards. Feature alongside other world-class entrepreneurs, companies, celebrities, and top influencers credited for their entrepreneurial success, personal achievements, and inspiring work.

Receive a personalized award page and build brand awareness

Download your Brainz Magazine badge and add it to your website, email signature, and social media profiles to increase your credibility as an expert. You are free to use our logo to show that you are “featured in” Brainz Magazine on your website.

See your articles shared across all Brainz Social Media Channels

Get more visibility with social media exposure! We will circulate all your articles across Brainz Magazine's social media channels. Publishing your features online gives readers easy access to read and engage with your content and makes it easy to share with their own audiences.

Badges to give credibility and social media assets for your profiles

Download your Brainz Magazine badge and add it to your website, email signature, and social media profiles to increase your credibility as an expert. You are free to use our logo to show that you are “featured in” Brainz Magazine on your website.

SEO Analysis - Here to provide you with SEO support

Get a comprehensive, bespoke Search Analysis (SEO) for your business and discover what your target audience searches for on Google. Your dedicated account manager will provide you with a list of words, phrases and questions your target audience search for online, and the best keywords to compete for. Use this information when researching your Brainz article ideas, and for your overall SEO Strategy.

Network with over 16.000+ like-minded individuals

Unlock access to a network of over 16.000+ like-minded individuals and join our highly engaged community of contributors and partners. Share your latest articles, make new contacts, and collaborate with other contributors. Ask questions, celebrate your success, and share your expertise with others.

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