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Women Will Dominate New Virtual Businesses In The Next 7 Years – Have You Investigated Brand Partnerships To Launch Your Online Business?

Jeanette is an established Transformation Coach focused on Residual Income and Well Being. She provides an unparalleled step by step methodology to build a business at home with her Signature training: pivot.

Executive Contributor Jeanette Lowry

Are you saying to yourself, “Enough is enough”! “I’m sick & tired of being sick & tired there has to be another way”

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Are you ready to say goodbye to the rat race, your 9-5 pm you barely tolerate anymore. You know you have more to offer the world and frankly, you understand unless you can earn a recurring income in your sleep, you will be working the rest of your life! 

Stay tuned, you are reading this article at the time you are meant to. There are no coincidences. 

If you are ready for your own business at home without the traditional headaches of starting a small business (capital investment, overhead, organization, payroll, inventory, etc...) I invite you to explore the fastest way to launch, build and monetize your own business aligned with a brand partner. You will have none of the headaches of traditional business, it allows flexibility and offers leverage through a team of other like-minded entrepreneurs so earning a recurring income can be an end goal. Yes, this is money you can earn while sleeping and pass this legacy asset to the next generation leaving your footprint on Earth. 

I would like to introduce you to the 21st-century virtual entrepreneurship through brand partnership!

Recurring income offers a path to freedom. It is like planting seeds that continue to bear fruit long after you have sown them. Instead of constantly hustling for the next paycheck, you create streams of income that flow consistently, month after month, year after year.

Imagine waking up each morning knowing that money is coming in whether you are actively working or not. That is the power of recurring income. It gives you the freedom to spend more time with your loved ones, pursue your passions, and live life on your own terms.

So, here is the thing: building recurring income takes time and effort if you want to set yourself up with an ongoing recurring income for life! Sounds daunting right? I would ask you this: what are your options if you do not take a step towards recurring income aside perhaps having to get a second job to keep up with inflation-pay the bills-put money aside for kids’ college? The problem is there are only 24 hrs. In a day…And you must sleep. 

The beautiful thing about finding the brand partner to align with is they already have the infrastructure & products ready to share! The key is finding that brand partner you can resonate with and have confidence they are a long-term solution. I would implore you to do some research on these five key areas. 

1. Make sure the company has over 10 years under their belt and has a legacy vision so the company will be around for next-generation family members to inherit. Never go with a start up if you are not willing to be exposed to big risks. Most are gone within 5-10 years. 

2. The products must be unique, emotional, consumable, science based and results-oriented so a customer will never stop using a few of the products because their life has been changed for the better because of the product(s). 

3. Finally, are the markets recession-proof? Consistently growing and expanding markets which are also recession-proof are the health, wellness, anti-aging and natural skincare markets. These markets help make up the $1.8 trillion continually growing market. Consumers are more informed today, so science-based is an important key to adding consumers. The United States has a $480 billion wellness market growing at 5-10% year after year. Today, 80% of consumers consider health & wellness a top priority in their everyday lives. (Jan 16, 2024, article mckinsey.Com

4. The compensation plan must reward brand new people by having several ways to earn up front money to allow earning while learning the business. An avenue to earn enough to replace a full-time income as well an exit strategy earning recurring income so you can walk away and enjoy your days doing what you want, with whom you want, wherever you want. 

5. Finally, mentorship from those successful individuals who have proven the company pays as they have that lifestyle a recurring income offers. The best option is to have a large group of leadership in the trenches helping new people learn the ropes! This aspect of partnering with a brand is an invaluable benefit. People pay $10,000’s for the training and time poured into you as coaches do. 

Some people recognize the concept of brand partnership as network marketing. I would ask you to remove the blinders you may have because the 21st-century model can set you free. 

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I would like to give insight and contrasts if you will allow me. I am a 34-year student of the old way of business through network marketing. My experience started in 1990 and it was not about products in my garage or bugging my family. I got results with the products…people noticed… I shared…And after 7 years developed a network of customers & business partners who had their own customers that continued paying me monthly recurring income for 20 years. Imagine being a new single mom following a divorce with a 2- and 9-year-old that needed consistency and stability at home. But for this recurring income I did not have to get a job to pay bills. I was blessed to be home with my kids all the way through college. I ask you; how many women have this choice following a major life event like divorce? Only those. I would venture a guess: the women who have generous parents, a trust fund, or a recurring income stream that will take care of living expenses.

Tell me if this sounds familiar to those people who have their minds made up because of an unpleasant experience with regards to network marketing in the past.

"Network marketing is a pyramid scheme." no pyramids are illegal in every state.

"It's a get-rich-quick scheme." if this is what you are being told… Run… It is not a legal company.

"Only the people at the top make money." not if you find a compensation plan where anyone coming into the company has the same opportunity as those who started 20 years earlier. 

"You have to be pushy or salesy to succeed." this is not sales… Unless you have not gotten your own benefits from the products. If you have seen/felt a change in your health, skin, energy… Whatever… You naturally want to share. More often than not… Your family and friends notice a change… They inquire! 

"It's not a legitimate business model." if you believe this then look at your corporate infrastructure. Who has the same opportunity to earn as much money as the CEO? Right, no one! This model has proven repeatedly that word-of-mouth advertising is the most powerful way to reach an endline consumer… It is why you are seeing the ‘big box stores’ using “friends & family plans” (yep…referral marketing)

The reality is with the exponential growth of global marketing, the internet, social media platforms, e-commerce business/virtual business and the trend of people wanting more work-life balance as witnessed with the great exodus of 49 million workers saying goodbye to 9-5pm to come home and start their own business. 

Network marketing is a legitimate business model regulated by laws and regulations.

Success requires dedication, hard work, and consistent effort over time like anything else you expect noteworthy results. 

Income potential is based on effort, skills, and the size of your network, not just position in the hierarchy or time you enter the company. 

Authenticity & relationship-building are key to success, not aggressive sales tactics.

As Robert Kiyosaki summarizes in his best-selling book “Business for the 21st Century” – network marketing is a way for success-minded people without a lot of capital to invest and are looking for a way to tap into the wealth mechanics to earn recurring income… Network marketing is the business model to be looking at. 

If you are a mid-aged women exploring a way to fund a retirement and exit the 9-5 pm, or you are a working mom who wants to supplement her income and come home. Or, like me you are looking for a way to create a legacy asset that can be included in your trust/will for the next generation. If any of these resonates, I would invite you to join me on a journey of self-discovery, mindset shifts, and practical strategies for success as I coach like-minded women how to launch a virtual business aligned with a brand partner.

Together, we will navigate the world of e-commerce, social media, and technology. Aligned with a trusted science based-results oriented brand partner in the recession-proof health, wellness, and natural beauty markets plus my 3 decades of experience & mentorship I will help you create your goals and implement a step-by-step strategy to realizing the outcome you desire. 

The priceless blessing in my life today is the community I have been immersed with while building my business. I cannot wait to introduce you to our tribe of likeminded women who become a support system and friends you can count on. 


Jeanette Lowry, Transformational Residual Income Coach

Jeanette is an established Transformation Coach focused on Residual Income and Well Being. She provides an unparalleled step by step methodology to build a business at home with her Signature training: PIVOT. For 32 years her passion has been teaching women how to exit the 9-5 by learning Entrepreneurship aligned with a Brand Partner and like-minded supportive women she calls her TRIBE. The satisfaction that comes from watching women up level their Mental, Physical & Financial Health while living a LIFE they DESIGN is what continues to fuel Jeanette's passion for coaching.



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