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Tracey Lee Cook

How To Set Up A Speaker One Sheet To Get Booked On Podcasts & Virtual Stages

Safia Haque

How To Overcome Co-Parenting Challenges Easily And Without Trying To Convince Or Change The Other Parent’s Viewpoint

Pia Antico

Release, Recharge and Receive: Freedom & Fun After 40

More Personal Development

Veronica Sanchez De Darivas

Internal Activation of the Pineal Gland Seminar - Cyclopea Method


Discover your inner powers by activating your pineal gland (third eye).

Become a radiant leader creating positive change around you.

The Cyclopea Method shows you a way to attune to high frequency feelings and act in alignment with your values at work and life.

This method has been around for 31 years and is now available in English.

If you want different results, apply a different formula.

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