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Simply Safe Kids: The Right Way to Teach Body Boundaries and Safety


Comprehensive Sexual Abuse Prevention Strategies for Parents of Young Children

Did you know that it is very normal to feel confused or uncomfortable about this tough topic?

It can be a difficult topic to talk about.
You are not alone!


research tells us that if we don’t address it, we are putting our children at risk!

Here is the GREAT NEWS!

You can learn how to protect your kids!
And it won't be awkward or make you queasy.

Get clear FACTS about childhood sexual abuse, including online threats and the secret tactics skilled abusers are using today.

Learn how to introduce this topic to your children in a kid-friendly, “non-icky” way.

Receive guidelines for age-appropriate discussions.

Understand how to teach the concepts of “trusted adults” and “code words” to your children.

Get tips on how to develop a Family Safety Plan.

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