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Tracey Lee Cook

How To Set Up A Speaker One Sheet To Get Booked On Podcasts & Virtual Stages

Safia Haque

How To Overcome Co-Parenting Challenges Easily And Without Trying To Convince Or Change The Other Parent’s Viewpoint

Pia Antico

Release, Recharge and Receive: Freedom & Fun After 40

More Personal Development

Kim Wilkinson

High Vibe Tribe Group Coaching.


Join this High Vibe Collective Consciousness for monthly group coaching! This powerful program is packed with content, tools & resources to shift into alignment and allowing, clear beliefs and blocks and create a new mindset for success. Join now and lock in at only $22/month! LIMITED TIME OFFER. PLUS - be a part of our Inspiring Anthology and have a chance to WIN (monthly) a 1 hr one on one coaching session. See full details on registration page (including schedule of events & promo video).

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