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Simon T. Bailey

How To Unlock Your Brilliance

Brooke Summer Adams

Your 3-Step Process To Feeling Like The Coach You Want To Be

Amie Dean

Akashic Records Core Wound Meditation

Dr. Adriana Popescu

Finding Freedom – 3 Powerful Tools To Give You Clarity And Peace

Have you been looking to free yourself from other people’s negative emotions? What strategies are available to relax and find peace in times of stress? How can you find out what is really true for you?

In this masterclass "Finding Freedom – 3 Powerful Tools To Give You Clarity And Peace" - psychologist, addiction and trauma specialist, author, speaker, and empowerment coach Dr. Adriana Popescu invites you to greater peace and ease. She will guide you with powerful, scientifically-proven methods to let go of limiting beliefs, liberate yourself from negative emotions, and release the burden of other people's thoughts and energies. You'll learn simple and practical tools and techniques to have more clarity and change what is holding you back from the life you truly desire.

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