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A 5-Day Mini Course – Tools For Optimal Living

Mindy Schrager

Ancestral Connection

Simon T. Bailey

Secrets To Effective Public Speaking

Amie Dean

Akashic Records Core Wound Meditation

Our core wounds of shame, abandonment, survival/scarcity, and disempowerment keep us from aligning as our true selves and cause so much pain and suffering in our lives.

I invite you to watch the Core Wound Meditation so you can heal your #1 core wound that keeps you stuck, while simultaneously exploring higher vibratory dimensions of consciousness in your Akashic Records (and if you are a beginner, that's totally fine! I guide you every step of the way and you can do this!) Find a comfortable place... I suggest you carve out an hour for yourself to truly enjoy this transformative adventure.

Remember: YOU MATTER! If you can't watch it now, find a time in your calendar within the next few days to make this time for yourself.

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