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Tracey Lee Cook

How To Set Up A Speaker One Sheet To Get Booked On Podcasts & Virtual Stages

Safia Haque

How To Overcome Co-Parenting Challenges Easily And Without Trying To Convince Or Change The Other Parent’s Viewpoint

Pia Antico

Release, Recharge and Receive: Freedom & Fun After 40

More Personal Development

Adelina Stefan

Thriving Personally and Professionally with Personal Agility


I will share how personal agility proved to be an effective tool and framework for myself and my coaches in Career Transition , and how it helped them achieve a healthy work life integration. Adriana, my guest speaker will share her story with personal agility.

At this event, we will have Adriana Carrano, a passionate HR Professional, as the guest speaker who will be sharing how Personal Agility System and the visual labelling of what really matters helped her align her daily activities with her projections in time, achieving true work-life integration in her life

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