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Fearless After 50

Trea Tijmens

Your 2022 Dating Review

Viviana Di Leo

Healthy Boundaries Mini Course

Trea Tijmens

Your 2022 Dating Review

Let me guess... another year is almost over, you still have not found the right man, and you're tired of being single. You keep asking yourself "Why is it so hard to find the right man?" and you're wondering what you're doing wrong... Time for a review of what's working (and not working) in your dating life! After this workshop you will:

• Understand what's working and not working in your dating life
• Spot common mistakes single women make while dating
• Get strategic about dating and make 2023 the year you finally find the right partner.

Your host has a background in HR and Headhunting, combined with helping successful single women find love for the past 17 years, Trea Tijmens has a unique understanding of the challenges facing career women and how to overcome them. Join this award-winning dating expert and international matchmaker. Learn to focus on what's working and how to avoid repeating the same mistakes. Make 2023 the year you find your success match! Save your seat at the free online workshop now!

This is a ladies-only event on Wednesday, 14 December at 19.00 CET.

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