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Lavonda McCullough

Rekindled ~ Intimacy With God, Your Creator

Hynd Bouhia

Wealth & Impact Workshop

Cheryl Thacker

Confident Packaging & Pricing For Coaches - A 5-Step Framework to Nail Your First Or Next Offer

Lavonda McCullough

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Have you ever asked yourself what matters most? Have you ever dug deep, done work, and the laid the foundations, but still unfulfilled? Are you ready for the most meaningful life?

Rekindling your relationship with God doesn't have to be exhaustive, daunting task that you face alone. He wants you to walk confidently in your divine freedom and purpose. Discover how to discern the voice of God and remove the voice of negative self-talk and fear through the Rekindled Course. It's time to take back your life and learn these proven strategies that will WORK for you and ultimately change your life.

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