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Krumma Jonsdottir

HEROIC – Reach The Success You Deserve Without Loosing Your Mind & Your Health

Kim Guillory

The Top Method For Winning In Wellness

Sam Onigbanjo

AI: The Power Of Generative Imagery, Start, Grow And Profit

Natasha Zo

Becoming Your Own Publicist Webinar

Here's what we'll be covering:
• How to become your own publicist, even if you have zero experience in marketing and even if you’re a brand new coach or author.
• The 3 types of new media and how to choose the right channels for your publicity campaign.
• How being a guest on podcasts can help you grow your business and how to score your first interview.
• How to prepare your story for publicity. Your life story is the biggest transformation lesson you can offer. You’ll learn how to share it in a way that speaks to your audience while staying true to your voice.
• Why 87% of media pitches fail and how to avoid the most common beginners mistakes.

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