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Why Self-Publishing Will Continue to Gain Popularity - Now is the Time to Jump On Board

Written by: Janet Brent, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


It’s no secret that old systems are crumbling. We are in an extremely unique time to dig deeper and ask ourselves how we truly want to live. What passions do we want to pursue? How can we write our story with complete intention? If we could reset our life and do exactly what we want to do, how would that change? And for those who have ever felt called to write a book, how can we LIVE it to tell the tale?

As we are in a transition phase where old and new clash or coexist, the same is true for the publishing world. I may be biased, but I believe self-publishing will only gain in speed, and choosing to go past the gatekeepers of traditional publishing is an advantage for conscious entrepreneurs in the new economy who want to lead the shift to the new paradigm.

1. Self-publishing is faster than traditional publishing

Whereas traditional publishing may take 2-3 years, self-publishing can take six months or less from write to publish. This means you can publish your ideas before they feel irrelevant or outdated. In Birth the Book, I help you publish as a bestselling author in 3 months.

2. Have more control with self-publishing

More control of your marketing. More control of how you up-sell your book into your other offerings. More control for your freedom of expression as a sovereign being. With self-publishing, you have more control of the creative process, on the design of your book, and the people you hire for editing.

3. Get more royalties with self-publishing

One of the most striking differences of having more control of your book and the publishing process with self-publishing is that you get to keep 75% of royalties. Compare that with 8-10% to start in traditional publishing. This is also because traditional publishing gives you an advance based on how many copies the publisher thinks your book will sell. Think of this as an advance against royalties. You don’t earn anything else from your book until the book sells its target amount, and THEN you activate 8-10% because all the other people who worked on your book also get a cut.

If you’re thinking about publishing a book, self-publishing is a great way to get your message heard and step up as the leader you are.

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Janet Brent, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Janet Brent is a 1 international bestselling author and book sales doula for conscious and holistic entrepreneurs who want to grow their platform and get more brand visibility. She helps clients launch solo books and multi-author book collaborations with the Birth the Book program and is passionate about helping women own their stories in their business, brand, and marketing to impact more people. She has been featured in The Guardian and loves to travel, hike, and spend time with her family



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