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Why Digital Marketing is Important for Online Business Owners

Written by: Natalia Nicholson, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise


If you’re running an online business, your first focus is going to be on attracting customers to your company. Yet, relying solely on traditional advertising methods like mailshots or printed ads is a major mistake. Digital marketing may seem intimidating, but it’s the best option for getting your new or existing online business noticed in a highly competitive marketplace.

Why Choose Digital Marketing Methods?

The primary reason for opting for a digital marketing strategy is that the number of potential clients or customers you’ll find online is considerably larger than the numbers you’ll attract by advertising only locally. Digital marketing allows you to reach a huge audience in a cost-effective way.

Digital marketing also allows you to interact effectively with prospects to find out what precisely they’re looking for. Getting to know that target audience in-depth and allowing them to get to know your business well also helps boost brand loyalty. Even better, digital marketing efforts can be measured effectively since tracking responses is possible.

Your Customers Are On the Internet

When you’re running an online business, it goes without saying that your customers are already online. They’re already looking for businesses like yours, and that’s why they need to be able to easily find yours, or they’ll go with one of your competitors instead. These days, customers naturally turn online in their research to find businesses that operate within any given niche and to find out more about brands that they’ve heard of. They expect reputable organizations to have a presence on social media and a website that they can visit. Businesses that don’t will simply miss out on their custom.

Accessibility to Customers

In the modern digital age, customers demand accessibility. If your business's competitors can be more easily found than you can, you'll lose out on business. Therefore, SEO strategies are imperative to help you to get ahead of rivals. Also, prospective customers want to know your company's basics – your hours of operation, what you can offer, and where you're located. They need to find this information quickly and easily through a rapid internet search. When you harness the power of digital marketing, you can extend the scope of your business to a much wider cross-section of the public simply by making your company more accessible. Customers will be able to interact with your business at any time and will be able to contact you via a host of channels. This, too, will boost your business and increase your revenue exponentially.

Engaging With Target Audiences

Digital marketing strategies allow full engagement with prospects. They allow you to get to know who they are and what they want. You can start conversations on blogs or social media platforms and run surveys to learn more about their requirements. Digital interactions help you identify and then address pain points, find and offer effective solutions for customers that make your business stand out from the crowd.

There are a few types of marketing that offer equal cost-effectiveness to digital marketing. You can find out more about its importance and how you can harness its potential by attending my free digital marketing workshop. You too could get your business noticed and increase your profits.

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Natalia Nicholson, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Natalia Nicholson is a Serial Entrepreneur, Business and Digital Marketing Coach, and Professional Public Speaker. Natalia has over 20 years of experience working as a digital serial entrepreneur and has had plenty of her own failures as well as success stories. This has perfectly placed her to be able to offer insight and advice to other women aspiring to become digital entrepreneurs, together with those who have already launched their own businesses. Through her mastermind group Women in Digital Business, Natalia teaches them the best way to leverage the potential of digital marketing and helps them to learn the best ways of overcoming the challenges that they are facing when it comes to becoming a successful online businesswomen. Her passion for online business coaching and digital marketing has inspired her to bring inspiration to women from largely overlooked underrepresented groups.



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