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Why 1/1 Is Not A Good Time For New Years Resolutions

Written by: Josephine Sorciere, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Josephine Sorciere

Are you one of the 75% of people who made New Year’s resolutions on January 1st and they now seem like a distant memory? Research from the University of Scranton found that just 8% achieved their resolutions, with January 12th being the most likely date to break them. Only 22% will still maintain them by the beginning of February.

Woman Writes New Year Goals

Calendars are a distorted version of natural cycles; when people remember to work with the flow of energy instead of against it, they will have far different outputs and experiences of life.

Leaders of the 21st century know this and yet conversation around working with energies can be scant. How could life open for you if you learn to read when specific, supportive energies are at play? It's easier than you may think. A couple of modern-day science-based systems such as Human Design or the Gene Keys can guide you through.

Every year, there are 64 transits of different energies we cycle through, based on the ancient system of I Ching. These are mapped to the codes in our DNA, specifically in groups called Codon Rings, chemical families related to our amino acids or stop codons.

Amino acids chart

Each of the 64 Facets of Frequency has a Shadow element where we operate through a fear base, a Gift where we use our energy powerfully and a Siddhi which is a very high frequency of consciousness.

On 1/1, the energies of Gene Key 38 meant the shadow of struggle and the dilemma of breaking habits was at play. We have inbuilt habits of struggle which keep us in our comfort zone of discomfort. What chance did New Year’s resolutions have, based on that frequency? Only those who could embrace the Gift energy of perseverance would have a chance of still maintaining the New Year’s resolutions.

When is the real new year?

At what time can we make New Year’s Resolutions or annual goals/intentions to have a good chance of succeeding? It depends on your preferred source of wisdom. If you follow Chinese astrology, their New Year is based on the lunar year, which starts in late January or early February. Like Easter, it fluctuates with moon cycles. For 2024, we come into the Year of the Dragon on 10th February. This seems no more specific than reading your sun sign horoscope, far too broad for an intellectual mind who loves the details.

That's why following a system whose energy changes every five to six days is a far more accurate indicator of cosmic influences. This is not some woo-woo idea of frequency, this is based on the science of every cell in our body, within our DNA. We are the microcosm of the macro.

January 21st - 22nd is the start of the Rave New Year, with the Gene Key of 41 containing the only start Codon out of the 64. In our trillions of cells, it indicates the start of a new code in our DNA.

It's the only one that doesn't relate to an amino acid. Surely, it can help us kick start our resolutions.

So how can our DNA help us make successful new year's resolutions?

Consider the transit energy of Gene Key 41. The shadow of fantasy plays out for so many people who dream of a better life, of fulfilment, yet don't take any steps towards it. They would rather keep it in their head as a wonderful dream and not take responsibility for creating it.

Leaders rarely fall into this category, yet they may well display the reactive nature of fantasy and become hyperactive. Their insatiable hunger places enormous pressure on the nervous system, yet they are so driven to achieve their goal or vision. This is where the dilemma of planning comes in, this overarching need to control and have things play out exactly as they envisioned. With this approach, there is little room for allowing life to show up unexpectedly, either as an asset or a hindrance.

We have witnessed time and again how certain leaders know how to manipulate fantasy to have enormous impact and control over others. They operate through an illusion, continuously planting fear of the future rather than staying in the present reality. They promise us so many Resolutions before an election and often fail to deliver, building up a fantastical idea to the voters.

True visionaries and creatives naturally ride the wave of life, knowing there are times of plateau before the next glimpse of brilliance and insight pops in. Seeds are planted in the dark and take time to germinate, according to nature, no matter how you try to force them to grow. Such leaders trust in this flow and use the Gift of the 41 to anticipate what might arise and when. They build up on the past and are in tune with the next evolutionary energy waiting to arrive.

These change agents will not be hung up on meeting New Year’s resolutions or the financial year-end. You cannot plan for genius, it will arrive when it's meant to, and the quick-thinkers will operate based on this flow of energy. However, if they were to pick a time to make resolutions, January 21/22 -26 would be ideal to have the supportive energy of Gene Key 41.


Emanating excellence

Leaders at the pinnacle of their game emanate their excellence yet are humble with it. They are in genuine service to the bigger picture, not driven by profit and greed. They anticipate a better future and can see the ways to bring it into being. It is not their minds that lead to the change, rather it is the creative impulses that naturally arise when they're being true to themselves and allowing this flow without planning it.

If they were to make New Year's resolutions, it would be based on who are they becoming, not what would they be doing. They make them based on their hunger for evolving, which they know in turn inspires others to do the same. Whilst they may be seekers of knowledge, it's their innate wisdom within that lights up with the stroke of genius that could just be a revolutionary idea.

People stuck in their heads, working to deadlines and calendars, and obsessed with meeting their goals do not keep an open heart and open mind for greater possibilities to arrive. They tend to operate through fear, through shadow conditioning, without even realising it, because it's the norm.

That's why the brilliant ones stand out. They illuminate their stage of vision with a natural emanation of creativity. This is the Siddhi (the highest frequency) of Gene Key 41. They resolve to make the world a better place and love playing the role they're here for. Excellent leaders are deeply fulfilled because they do not seek. They await with anticipation, knowing the solutions will come when they just create the space and trust in the process.

Finding your blueprint

Chances are, these leaders are living their DNA blueprints to the T without even realising it. We all have unique charts which tell us what our DNA is coded for based on our birth data. Don't knock it until you try it, which you are welcome to do by running your own free Gene Keys report here.

As more awareness around the fact that everything is energy (frequency) comes to the surface, people will be far more open to working with the cosmic weather. New Year's resolutions will be set at the right time, although they will be a far less planned vision, working with intention and allowing for flow.

I invite you to consider how regimented you are in meeting your plans, goals and resolutions. What is it you fear about not meeting them, or perhaps you're not taking the steps to bring them into reality? When you start to focus on who you are Being rather than what you're Doing, your whole world will open up.

Then life itself can bring you something even more wonderful than what your mind can conceive when it created New Year's resolutions on January 1. It's time to open up to a power bigger than you. That's where the geniuses reside.


If knowing and activating your own DNA blueprint is calling to you and you would like 1-1 guidance and encoding to integrate, consider a deep dive Initiation with Josephine Sorciere.

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Josephine Sorciere Brainz Magazine

Josephine Sorciere, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Josephine Sorciere encodes extraordinary people into their enigmatic frequency. Unravelling the mystery of minds, she cracks the encryption of would-be enigmas. Stop suffocating your genius and activate who you came here to be. Josephine initiates visionary leaders, changemakers, artisans and innovators into unseen evolution through wisdom, blueprints and energetic frequency. Those hungry for next-level brilliance, yet cannot name what’s missing. Her insatiable insight is a culmination of decades of self-exploration and several own businesses, following 15 years in Blue Chip Corporate finance. More relevant, she has been a leader of leaders for many lifetimes.



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