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What To Do When Mindset Drains You

Written by: Dani Green, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Mindset can be defined as our thoughts and feelings. We can imagine feelings as being the energetic vapor of our emotions. We understand that some emotions have a higher energetic frequency than others. We all know the difference between negative and positive thoughts. We are encouraged to be grateful. We are instructed to imagine what we want out of life. We are told that if we are positive and grateful and let the Universe know what we want, our specific desires will come true.

A child looking up the yellow wall with a written words on it "believe in yourself".

What happens to the fulfillment of our desires when we are having a down day, week, or month? Downtimes can feel like a missing cog that makes the wheel of life stop turning for us which adds a sense of anxiety that is further draining.

Religion and the Law of Attraction

I was a staff pastor for 14 years. I remember times when religion asked me to be more than I was able to be. Showing up ‘just as I am’ was not enough for me and sometimes not enough for others. I prayed, read my Bible, sang, and asked God to do something for me. The problem was that I viewed God as outside of myself and I was left waiting and wanting.

The Law of Attraction is similar to religion in that we are asked to maintain an energetic frequency that attracts our desires to us. On days we cannot maintain that energetic level, we are left waiting and wanting. Mindset matters but not if it makes you feel less than or not enough.

Abundance Is Everywhere!

It seems to me that society is peddling the idea of making a million dollars as though it is possible for all of us. (By the way, no judgment if you value making a million dollars. You be you!)

I see abundance everywhere. See abundance in nature, my home, my body, etc. – the list is endless! Money is one source of abundance. Making money starts with a creative idea. Any one of us could have a super-duper great lucrative creative idea. Maybe making a million dollars is possible and even probable but there is a more important question.

What if we just asked the Universe for our highest good and the highest good of others? If making a million dollars is for my highest good, then for sure a million dollars is coming my way. If living a life of love, joy, and peace is for my highest good, then no amount of money will improve my reality.

Unseen Is Eternal

If we see the unseen as eternal, our values can start to shift. Everything we see is temporary, including our bodies, cars, and homes. Everything unseen and life-giving is for our highest good and the highest good of others.

Arguing With Reality

Byron Katie suggests if we argue with reality, we will always lose. She has a gift for staying in the present moment and accepting what is. Byron Katie is known throughout the world. She probably has a very nice house, and maybe even more than one car. I don't know if she is a millionaire, but I can imagine that doesn't matter as much to her.

What Do You Value?

Write down 24 words that represent what you want out of life and how you want to be. Next, choose twelve of those words that matter to you more. Now, narrow down your list to six words. Next, choose three of those words. These three words are what you value most in life.

Health and nutrition are my personal hobbies. I eat carefully and exercise as much as I am able. Upon completing this journaling technique, my three words were loving, calm, and healthy. I was able to put my healthy lifestyle into perspective. Now I know being loving and calm is most important to how I want to show up for myself and others.

Staying In The Present Moment

I stay in the present moment and do my best to be loving, calm, and healthy. My mindset is what it is from day to day. The Universe is for me. Love fills my body and surrounds me. Every intention, word, and action toward what I want out of life is coming toward me.

At just the right time for my highest good, poof, my dreams will come true! Until then, I am just happy to be me!

You Are More Than Enough

You are more than enough. Stay in the high vibration of Love, Joy, and Peace. Eat high-vibe healthy foods. Move your body. Be grateful. Believe in yourself. Plant dreams. Your dreams are coming true.

Namaste - the Divine in Me Celebrates the Divine in You!

I Love You!


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Dani Green, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Dani Green is a certified hypnotherapist, speaker, author and spiritual activist. Dani’s core focus and passion is to guide clients to rewrite the past, present, and future Story they tell themselves at the subconscious level and to discover their own Inner Mantras.

Dani has a 12-session course called The Soul Power Experience. The courses, Be Smoke Free and One & D.O.N.E. Weight Release are each six sessions. Dani also offers Intuitive sessions.

Dani opened her hypnotherapy practice in 2015 and uses client-centered hypnotherapy, as well as The Emotion Code, PSYCH-K, and RIM.



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