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What Is Up With The Rise Of Online Group Coaching? Feel Some Hesitation?

Jacia Kornwise ( a.k.a. Jill) is a Master Embodied Soul Coach, Transformational Experience Facilitator, Inspirational and TEDx Speaker, and Author of “The Love Ball Game – Embracing Yourself and Embodying Your Soul.”

Executive Contributor Jacia Kornwise

As someone who resisted becoming a coach who offered online modalities, I have 100 percent changed my mindset. Because of what I have understood, I have just launched my most potent transformational tool yet. Once I participated in three different training coaching programs myself online, I saw what apparently many have known for a decade now. I always saw myself as a person who did it on my own. Playing superwoman and keeping things more private had its benefits until I understood why I had been hiding out!

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In recent years, online coaching courses with group coaching have surged in popularity. This method has proven to be an incredibly effective tool for individuals seeking breakthroughs in their mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Integrating accountability, community support, and expert guidance has made group coaching a go-to solution for those striving to achieve their wellness goals. Let's delve into why this approach is so impactful and how it leverages the power of accountability and community to drive success.


The effectiveness of online group coaching

Online group coaching combines the convenience of digital access with the power of community and professional guidance. This format provides a unique environment where individuals can thrive, supported by their peers and coaches.


Mental well-being: Clarity and focus through collective insight

One key benefit of online group coaching is the enhanced mental clarity and focus it provides. Participants articulate their goals and plans in a structured environment, which helps to solidify their intentions. Regular group sessions ensure that these goals remain a priority, reducing the likelihood of procrastination and distraction. I had to look at why I resisted the structure. Once i began, my progress and success skyrocketed. I learned and met so many different people whom I never would have previously known. These connections taught me things and became amazing real connections in my life. Additionally, I saw how the diverse perspectives within a group can lead to innovative solutions and strategies that might not emerge in one-on-one coaching. This collaborative problem-solving can significantly reduce stress and anxiety, fostering a more resilient and focused mindset.


Emotional well-being: Building a supportive community

Emotional well-being is deeply rooted in our social connections, and online group coaching excels in creating a supportive community. Sharing progress and challenges with like-minded individuals fosters a sense of belonging and mutual support. Sharing with folks from different perspectives also challenges and flags the pieces inside oneself that need further anchoring.

This communal environment provides emotional reinforcement, crucial for maintaining motivation and a positive outlook. The encouragement and shared experiences within the group can help individuals navigate setbacks more effectively, viewing them as opportunities for growth rather than failures. So many of us, when left to our inner mindset, end up quitting things when we fail the first time. This collective emotional support is a powerful catalyst for building resilience and sustained emotional health. It was often not the leader of my course who made the difference but the wonderful humans within it that allowed me to break through.


Physical well-being: Consistency and accountability

Consistency is vital for physical well-being through regular exercise, proper nutrition, or adequate sleep. Online group coaching provides the accountability needed to maintain these healthy routines. Knowing that peers and coaches track progress can motivate individuals to adhere to their commitments. For example, group members often share their fitness goals and progress, which can inspire others to stay on track. The accountability provided by the group setting helps individuals push through moments of doubt and laziness, fostering discipline and consistent effort.


Let's not forget the value of accessibility. Having your coaching groups online support wherever you have internet access and from the privacy of your home or while you are on vacation, makes the possibility for regular steady commitment.


Overcoming initial hesitations with a smile

At first, many people question the value of paying for group coaching when it seems to offer less focused attention from the coach. They might think, "Why pay more for less?!" But here's the twist: what they often do not realize is the immense power of community in inspiring and regulating their commitment. Imagine having a whole cheerleading squad ready to pump you up every time you hit a bump on your wellness journey. While one-on-one coaching provides personalized guidance, group coaching taps into the collective energy and shared experiences of the group. This community aspect enhances motivation and provides a diverse pool of ideas, support, and accountability that can be even more impactful than individual coaching. The shared journey fosters a sense of camaraderie and mutual encouragement that propels


The power of accountability

A fear of vulnerability, judgment, or failure. Ironically, this very resistance is a key indicator of the need for accountability. By avoiding it, individuals miss out on the structured support and motivation that can lead to their success. I certainly saw I became much more productive under the group support guidelines.


Think of it this way: avoiding accountability is like refusing to use a GPS because you're worried it will tell you you're lost. Spoiler alert: it probably will, but that's how you get where you need to go! Overcoming this resistance requires a mindset shift. It is crucial to recognize that accountability is not about exposing weaknesses but about leveraging support to achieve goals.

The safe, nonjudgmental environment of group coaching can help individuals embrace accountability, leading to significant breakthroughs in their well-being.


The effectiveness of online group coaching is backed by data. According to a study by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), 86% of companies reported recouping their investment in coaching and more (International Coaching Federation, 2020). Additionally, a survey by the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) found that individuals have a 65% chance of completing a goal if they commit to someone. Their chances increase to 95% if they have specific accountability appointments with someone they’ve committed to (American Society for Training and Development, 2020).


The accountability system in group coaching

To harness the full benefits of online group coaching, it’s essential to establish a robust accountability system:


  1. Group selection: Choose a group of individuals with similar goals and a supportive mindset. The synergy within the group enhances motivation and support.

  2. Clear goals: Set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals that are clear and attainable.

  3. Regular check-ins: Schedule frequent group sessions to discuss progress, share insights, and adjust strategies as needed.

  4. Celebrate milestones: Recognize and celebrate achievements, both big and small. This positive reinforcement keeps the group motivated.

  5. Reflect and adapt: Use group feedback to reflect on setbacks and adapt strategies. This continuous improvement approach ensures long-term success.


Online group coaching has emerged as a powerful tool for achieving breakthroughs in mental, emotional, and physical well-being. By combining the strengths of accountability, community support, and expert guidance, this approach offers a comprehensive solution for personal growth. The structured environment and collective insight provided by group coaching can help individuals achieve their wellness goals more effectively than ever before.


Embrace the power of online group coaching, overcome the resistance to accountability, and experience the transformative benefits of this modern approach to well-being. After all, isn't it time you had your own personal cheerleading squad?

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Jacia Kornwise, Master Embodied Soul Coach

Jacia Kornwise ( a.k.a. Jill) is a Master Embodied Soul Coach, Transformational Experience Facilitator, Inspirational and TEDx Speaker, and Author of “The Love Ball Game Embracing Yourself and Embodying Your Soul.” Born Blind in her left eye, and a multiple time trauma and grief survivor, she has dedicated the past 31 years helping humans transform their pain into purpose, listen to their bodies intuitive wisdom, and live their authentic joy. She has touched the lives of tens of thousands working both in person, online, at corporate and private events and on stage with her Masters in Integral Counseling and Shadow Coaching, 5 Rhythms Dance, Breathwork, Mindfulness, Intuitive and Somatic tools.



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