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What Gets You Farther? Passion Or Purpose?

Written by: Janette Ghedotte, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Are you following your PASSION or driven by your PURPOSE in life?

You may wonder, “What’s the difference?”

The difference may determine how far you make it and the degree of success you achieve.

There are “3 Reasons It’s So Hard to Follow Your Passion,” according to Jon M. Jachimowicz in his Harvard Business Review article:

  1. Passion should be nurtured and developed;

  2. The initial excitement of passion dies with time;

  3. Passion can veer us off course.

While the flames of passion can ignite or switch off, purpose appears to be a driving force that expands. The KEY in life that makes all your efforts worthwhile is PURPOSE.

What is your purpose?

Why do you do what you do … no matter what?

No matter what it takes. No matter how long.

No matter who or what stands in your way.

Purpose is necessary to persevere past the obstacles, challenges, and barriers. Purpose compels you to be gritty and resilient through the daily grind and to the end of time. Purpose isn’t a short-term, short-lived limbic brain-based emotion. When the dopamine flood of passion subsides…

PURPOSE endures.

Through the doubts, insecurities, and naysayers. Through all the trials, mistakes, and errors that you may experience along the way. Purpose gets you through the pain of the setbacks and the learning curve of being a novice to the confidence of mastering your expertise.

PURPOSE endures the test of time.

Why? Because purpose reflects aspects of your fundamental values. Therefore, purpose is more integrated and embedded in the core character of who you are, the beliefs you hold, and the lifestyle that you live.

Purpose shows others what is important to you.

Your purpose is evident and obvious to all who know you.

Purpose is the fuel that fulfills you when you are running on empty and the force that drives you towards your destination. Purpose represents the WHYs for you, your brand, or your business. It is your reason for being, for all the time and effort you give, and for serving your ideal dream clients.

Purpose is especially powerful when it expands beyond your own ego and provides service for the greater good for others in the world. Your purpose serves as a Northstar to guide you to stay on track serving others and advance you towards your goals.

The purpose of Accurate Body Language is to:

Empower YOU to:

💡Detect + Decode Body Language 💡Spot the Lies

💡Get to the Truth

so you can

💡Avoid Costly Mistakes

which means you will

💡Minimize RISKS and

💡Maximize WINS in Life

So, go beyond passion and harness the power of your purpose. ⬇️ What’s YOUR purpose

💥Know YOUR purpose 💥.

💥Live out YOUR purpose 💥.

From Head to Toes, the BODY Always Shows the TRUTH.

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Janette Ghedotte, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Truth & Deception Detection Expert Janette Ghedotte is a MA LLP Clinical Psychologist, Founder, and CEO of Accurate Body Language.

Accurate Body Language is the KEY to crack the code, unlock the vault of nonverbal communication, and reveal the secrets of human interaction.

With over 20 years of corporate business, marketing research, advertising & strategic brand positioning, and clinical psychology experience, Janette specializes in understanding the complexities of human behavior, interpersonal relationships, verbal, and nonverbal body language communication.





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