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Weight Management, Bariatric Surgery & You!

Written by: Jacqui Grant, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Decisions, decisions, decisions!

When it comes to weight management, in particular, weight loss or, as I refer to it as weight release, there are so many options available, so many choices!

Today, in 2020 – almost 2021, many people are choosing to have bariatric surgery to release excess weight and then expecting that surgery is all they need. Whilst on some level they understand it is ONE tool after a while, usually after the first 12 months many people tend to go back to old habits with eating, which results in weight gain or the person not achieving their goal weight and this over time takes it tolls on emotional and mental health of a person!

For long-term weight release and management, it is important to understand that which weight loss/management program you choose for yourself is a mind, body, and soul journey. A journey that requires some flexibility and obtaining information that is correct and even adjusted for your personal needs. Long-term success comes from understanding that it's more than food and exercise; it is also about your mindset and relationship with yourself, food, your body. Weight release and keeping weight off are also impacted by your expectations about how different your life will be when you achieve your goals.

How will you see yourself? How different will your life be? Why is that you want to release the weight, and are you doing it for YOU? Are 3 questions that I ask my clients, and I have asked myself over the years.

As someone that was morbidly obese ( 168kgs – 4.5 years ago) and now fit and healthy (54kgs), who has had bariatric surgery, has a nursing background, personal trainer, coach and weight management practitioner and studied bariatric surgery for over 10 years, I understand the challenges that both obesity and weight management programs including bariatric surgery bring and how there are really no guarantees with any of them.

However, I have found that a personalized program does work, especially with the right person. With all the knowledge, qualifications, and experience I have, I created personalized programs for my clients. I have written books on bariatric surgery and creating long term change, and my focus is on the whole person, not just one aspect of the person, this approach works!

When you are ready to create long term change, to be vulnerable at times and do the work, you will know which weight release program is right for you, and the key thing to remember is that it is YOUR choice in conjunction with your doctors because your situation is unique to you.

Should you choose to go down the path of bariatric surgery, understand that your surgeon is the best one to guide you to the type of bariatric surgery that is for you. There are challenges will all the 4 different types of bariatric surgery. In case you did not know, the different types of bariatric surgery are: Lap-band, Sleeve gastrectomy or gastric sleeve, mini bypass, gastric bypass, and there is also omega loop. Each surgeon will have their ideas of the right surgery for you and will advise you of this. However, the choice is also yours.

If you are choosing bariatric surgery, take your time and know that while the surgery does get results, the surgery itself is ONE tool and when used in conjunction with diet, exercise, and working with a weight management practitioner, you are in the best position to release the weight and keep it off!

Therefore, there really is NO ONE SIZE fits all when it comes to weight release, weight management, and even bariatric surgery!

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Jacqui Grant, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Jacqui Grant is a highly sought after Weight Management, Bariatric Surgery and Wellness Coach, Personal trainer, soon to be Advanced Weight Management Practitioner, International Best Selling author of 3 books, (Break Free & Go For It!, Life Beyond Obesity! (Jacqui’s story of transformation) and Can-Do Bariatric Surgery!) who is dedicated to help clients around the world to stop feeling overwhelmed, tired and embarrassed by their weight, by showing them how to create long term changes in their food choices, change their relationship exercise and develop a “Can Do” mindset to live their best life! Jacqui also helps those who have had or considering having bariatric surgery how to achieve their goal and keep the weight off, as well as working with professionals such as personal trainers to understand bariatric surgery.

Jacqui has worked as a nurse, coach, personal trainer, manager and also owns her own business Break Free Consultancy, where she is able to work one to one with her clients or through her programs, course, challenges along with her books. Empowering others to Break Free, Go for It and Live their BEST Life!



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