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Want To Lower The Cost Of Client Conversions? Fire Your Sales Team

Written by: Ang Onorato, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


This installment of my 2-part discussion on converting prospects into clients, focuses on understanding and implementing the Conversion Equation. Last month I introduced you to the critical concept of the Buyers Journey - understanding where your target audience is in their buying cycle.

The Buyers Journey is vital to understand because your prospects want to buy from someone who understands them and what makes them tick! Once you demonstrate that you understand them and where they are – then you need the right framework (Conversion Equation) to convert them into a paying customer.

Sales leaders don’t worry, I was just kidding about firing you! Of course, businesses need an effective sales function to grow and scale. But hiring an expensive sales force can be a money pit if your messaging and interaction with the audience isn't first getting their attention and compelling them to take action!

So what exactly is the Conversion Equation? Most businesses believe they have a good marketing message, until they look at it from another vantage point and realize their existing approach is based only on fluff and features and benefits. You need to stop a prospect in their tracks, make them pick their heads up and pull out their credit cards.

The framework for this equation is a 4-part process consisting of the following activities:


You must interrupt your prospects to cut through all the noise bombarding them daily. Do this so they will notice your message and then pay focused attention. Grab their attention with something that hits an emotional button for them. It must also hit their Reticular Activating System, the part of the brainstem that filters out unnecessary information to give priority treatment only to what's important. Making your messaging important to them.


Now that you have their attention, engage them by giving them vital decision-making information which will solve their major problem. If this does not occur quickly enough or if people are left feeling frustrated from the lack of progress in understanding your claims then they may abandon your outreach altogether and move onto something more engaging leaving no chance for conversion!


Once you’ve interrupted and engaged your prospects, the next step is to give information that allows them to logically understand how you solve their problems. This can be done in two ways: either by giving detailed data or specific insights for what makes YOUR company different and solves a problem they have and don’t want. Prospects “engage” through emotion, and they get “educated” through logic. Doing both well, makes them want YOU instead of somebody else!


End your marketing or sales message with a compelling offer. People won't take action unless you ASK them and give them a good reason why they should! The first 3-steps are to provide those reasons, now you must guide them to take appropriate action. An "offering" must have a low threshold of resistance; if someone has strong doubts about what you're selling then there will always remain room to lose the sale.

When you engage this framework (and have your Sales Team employ it in all their verbal communication with prospects) you remove your prospect's doubts, solve their internal pains and provide an aspirational reality that makes their buying decision a no-brainer – then provide them an offer so perfect they can’t turn it down.

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Ang Onorato, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Ang Onorato specializes in helping budding entrepreneurs launch their unique business ideas and goals into business realities. She is also a leader in business operations, growth strategies, human capital management, and mindset and success coaching. As Founder of JoyMark Success Coaching, Onorato combines over 25 years’ experience in corporate leadership with her clinical psychology background to help mission-driven leaders create impactful businesses that align with their souls as well as their bank accounts. Onorato’s work creates growth in micro-economies on a local as well as a global level. Her service offerings are based on helping leaders and businesses utilize her patented “Reimagine to Reinvent™” framework. She has a passion for supporting “mid-season” women leaders transitioning out of the corporate world or back into the workforce and helping them launch or scale amazing businesses. Onorato offers individual and group coaching as well as strategic business and sales & marketing consulting to businesses. Her platforms have been seen on: NBC, ABC, Fox, and CBS. Her mission is to help people: “Find their Joy. Make Their Mark.”



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