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Unlock Your Leadership Potential With 'Art Of Leadership' – Exclusive Interview With Peter Labrie

In my previous life, I was a Financial Executive and CEO. I lived in seven countries and did deals all over the world. Those were heady times. There was one constant fact: Leadership was integral to success. Besides, real leadership was always a scarce resource.

When I left the world of finance, I decided to devote my time to building leadership. This is how I started the ‘Art of Leadership.'

Peter Labrie, Leadership Specialist

What makes ‘Art of Leadership’ unique?

The Art of Leadership combines winning strategies from thousands of diverse sources. We select powerful and practical models. These are applicable, immediately, to your life, your career, or to your business. We enable great leadership in people, teams, and organizations everywhere.

What audience do we serve?

Initially, we focused on teams and executives. Each project was made-to-measure and delivered onsite. Then, the pandemic hit. We had to adapt our business model as health restrictions made face-to-face workshops impossible.

Despite the challenges, the pandemic was a catalyst. Why? Because it made us find new ways of empowering people. Now, we attract a younger, global audience. Indeed, anyone who wants to get ahead is a potential client. We are less corporate, and more people-oriented.

What are our current goals?

Short term, we have two big goals: Frist, we will launch a book, entitled ‘B-YOUR BEST.’ That will be a wellhead of resources. We carefully picked the most powerful tools of champions in all walks of life. Star athletes, business executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals – they all use the same success strategies. These are learnable skills, available to everyone. Second, we will transform the book into an engaging online course, with examples, exercises, action plans, videos and so forth.

B-YOUR BEST is the mindset, tool chest, and science of success. It is a complete program. Within 2 weeks, clients will be on the path to excellence. Those who are keen to learn more, can follow Art of Leadership on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube for updates.

What do I wish to achieve?

I will deliver proven techniques of top performers to everyone who wants to excel in their lives. I will democratize self-transformation and leadership.

Who inspires me?

I draw inspiration from thought leaders, such as Marshall Goldsmith, Peter Drucker, Steven Covey, and Jordan Peterson. But the course takes insights from psychologists, philosophers, religious literature, and great leaders, around the world. My family keeps me on track too.

What was my biggest career achievement?

That is tough to answer. Leaving home for an international career opened my eyes. Yes, people are the same, wherever you go; however, I learned new cultures, and perspectives throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. Each place taught me new things. That was a blessing.

What would I change about leadership development?

Too often, people count on outside systems, rather than improving themselves. Everyone wants a quick fix, instead of sustainable solutions. For all that, excellence starts with the self. You cannot lead others if your own life is a shambles. Growth starts with the person you see in the mirror – always.

The Japanese word ‘kaizen’ means continuous, incremental improvement. That is a parable for leadership. It is a journey, not a destination. You can always get better, so the voyage never ends. And that is the joy of self-mastery. It is having the humility to learn.

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