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Two Men That Changed My Life Forever & My Life Would Never Be The Same

Written by: Jane Morales, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Jane Morales

In life, it is often said that specific encounters have the power to shape our destiny. There are moments when we cross paths with individuals who, despite their fleeting presence in our lives, leave an indelible mark. Such was the case with Gustavo Godoy, the legendary newsman and pioneer of Latin American broadcast news in the USA, and Henry Kissinger, the American diplomat, political scientist, geopolitical consultant, and politician.

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It was an ordinary day in the nineties in New York City in the minuscule yet overwhelmingly atomic Telemundo News office of Mr. Gustavo Godoy – a time when the world was undergoing unprecedented changes and the news industry was in a state of flux. I remember sharing the space with experienced reporter Ricardo Arambarri and producer Alberto Cacho as a recent graduate with my Master's in Broadcast Journalism from the prestigious COM School of Boston University.

As a young, rarely shy, eager, curious, and inexperienced news reporter that was ready to take on any task, I found myself on the precipice of an opportunity I could scarcely have fathomed. Mr. Godoy, recognizing my potential and undeterred by my lack of experience, entrusted me with a task that would alter my life forever.

On that fateful day, Gustavo Godoy sent me to my first-ever interview as a news reporter, and my interviewee was none other than Henry Kissinger himself. The mere thought of sitting face-to-face with such a magnificent and essential personality induced a sense of both excitement and trepidation within me.

As I entered the room where the interview would take place, I was immediately struck by the aura of intellect and gravitas surrounding Mr. Kissinger. My nervousness was apparent, and he, with his perceptiveness, could sense it all too well. At that moment, he became one of the most charming and caring gentlemen I had ever met. With a twinkle in his eye, he alleviated my fears, saying, "Don't worry, it was once my first day, too, and I survived."

Those simple words of reassurance were compelling. They not only put me at ease but also imparted a valuable life lesson – that even the most accomplished individuals were once novices themselves. Mr. Kissinger's kindness and humility obliterated the barrier between us and opened the door for an authentic and insightful conversation.

That day, two magnificent men changed the course of my life. Gustavo Godoy's belief in my abilities and his audacity to provide me with an opportunity paved the way for my outstanding career as a news reporter. Later, I even had the privilege of becoming an entertainment news anchor with NBC News, covering prestigious events like the live coverage of the Oscars Red Carpet – a dream come true.

Reflecting on that encounter, I am reminded of the profound message it carries. Life often presents us with opportunities that seem daunting and unattainable. We may face obstacles that appear insurmountable. Yet, it is precisely in those moments that we must keep an open mind and believe in the untapped potential within us.

Gustavo Godoy's audacity to entrust a young and inexperienced reporter with an interview of such magnitude, coupled with Henry Kissinger's graciousness and words of encouragement, exemplified the extraordinary power of pushing beyond our limits. They taught me that the seemingly impassable barriers may hold incredible experiences and opportunities on the other side.

As I pay tribute to these two remarkable men who have now passed, I am filled with a deep sense of gratitude for the path they set me on. Their encounter taught me the significance of seizing every opportunity, no matter how daunting, and embracing the unknown. It is a philosophy that has shaped my career and, indeed, my entire outlook on life.

We should never underestimate the transformative potential of fleeting encounters. The influence of Gustavo Godoy, a pioneer of Latin American broadcast news in the USA, and Henry Kissinger, the esteemed diplomat and politician, will forever resonate within the depths of my being. They not only changed the trajectory of my professional life but also instilled in me the courage to bravely embrace the unexpected. Their lesson remains timeless – the seemingly insurmountable obstacle may be the gateway to extraordinary experiences waiting to unfold.

I will be forever grateful to my superheroes.

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Jane Morales Brainz Magazine

Jane Morales, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Jane Morales is a Human Development, Leadership, and Assertiveness Coach, Meditation Master, Writer, and Public Speaker. She holds a BS in Marketing from Bentley University in Boston and a Master of Science in Communications from Boston University. In addition to her higher education, she is trained in The Power of Intention, Positive Affirmations, and Living your own Success. She completed a higher degree in Psychosynthesis Psychology which expands the boundaries of human potential exploring values and purpose in life.


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