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Transforming Ambitious Women Into Corporate Leaders And Entrepreneurs – Interview With Meridith Ward

Meridith Ward is the Founder and CEO of InCharge Career Consulting™. In addition, she is a certified career and leadership coach, an experienced HR Leader, and professional speaker.  Ultimately, Meridith is passionate about helping women actively pursue their business goals by offering a comprehensive range of virtual coaching packages under three primary service umbrellas: Career & Professional Development,  Entrepreneurial Consulting,  and Leadership Coaching Courses.

photo of Meridith Ward

Meridith Ward, Career Strategist

Introduce yourself! Please tell us about you and your life, so we can get to know you better.

Hello there! I'm Meridith Ward, Founder and CEO of InCharge Career Consulting™. My mission is to empower ambitious women to unlock their full potential and achieve their professional dreams. Outside of my professional life, everyone knows I cherish quality time with my family and close friends, indulge in my love for reading, and have a passion for exploring new cultures through lots of travel. In one way or another, each of these experiences enriches my perspective and fuels my drive to help others.

What is your business name and how do you help your clients?

InCharge Career Consulting™ is dedicated to uplifting women by guiding them through the complexities of corporate leadership and entrepreneurial journeys. We equip our clients with the unshakeable confidence and strategic insight they need to thrive and consistently advance in their chosen career paths.

What kind of audience do you target your business towards?

We serve professional women across various industries, particularly those in mid-level to senior-level positions. Our clients aspire to climb the corporate ladder or transform their entrepreneurial visions into profitable realities.

What strategies or techniques do you employ to help clients prepare for job interviews and stand out as strong candidates in competitive job markets?

To ensure my clients shine in competitive markets, I offer an array of virtual coaching packages under three main service pillars: Career & Professional Development, Entrepreneurial Consulting, and Leadership Courses. These programs are meticulously designed to yield tangible results, empowering women to present themselves as capable and competent candidates, leaders, consultants, and business owners, no matter the arenas they choose to serve.

As a certified career and leadership coach with experience in HR leadership, what unique insights and perspectives do you bring to the table when coaching women in corporate leadership and entrepreneurship?

My extensive background as an HR advisor for Fortune 500 leaders, coupled with my experiences as an employee, job candidate, and now as a business owner and career coach, allows me to offer a multifaceted perspective. This unique vantage point enables me to provide nuanced, practical guidance on navigating corporate dynamics and entrepreneurial ventures, helping my clients achieve their goals.

Who inspires you to be the best that you can be?

My inspiration stems from seeing women and girls boldly pursue their career and business goals, defying societal expectations that often tell us to curb our ambitions. Their courage and determination fuel my passion to support and uplift them, and I love that.

How does InCharge Career Consulting™ address the evolving needs and challenges faced by clients in today's dynamic job market and work environment?

In today's job and business markets, we stay ahead by offering personalized guidance and embracing continuous learning. Our approach also emphasizes agility, resilience, and emotional intelligence, enabling us to meet each client's unique needs with tailored, adaptive strategies that address the evolving challenges of today's dynamic work environments.

What inspired you to establish InCharge Career Consulting™, and what unique approach or philosophy sets your services apart?

The spark behind InCharge Career Consulting™ is my unwavering desire to see women and girls pursue their dreams with relentless passion. Our approach is simple yet profound: we provoke bold thought, empower consistent action, and provide education through experience and expertise. By delivering the right tools and resources and drawing from my extensive background as a certified career and leadership coach, entrepreneur, and seasoned HR Leader, we set our clients on a clear path to success.

As a female entrepreneur, how do you address the unique challenges and opportunities that women face in corporate leadership and entrepreneurship through your coaching and consulting services?

As a woman of color and business leader, I've learned the importance of holding oneself with confidence, setting clear boundaries and expectations upfront, and managing relationships effectively. So, part of my focus is to teach women different methods to foster trust, build alliances, engage in difficult conversations, and constructively confront challenges. By mastering these skills, women can avoid the “yes girl” label and gain the respect they deserve, achieve promotions, secure raises, and form supportive partnerships.

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