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Top Agent Magazine’s Six Steps To Earning a Client’s Trust

Top Agent Magazine understands that some real estate clients hesitate to work with REALTORS®. After all, many of those entering the market for the first time grew up during the Great Recession and are wary of heavily coached sales pitches. They simply want to work with someone they can trust.

So, the secret for real estate agents is being genuinely forthright, earnest, and invested in each client’s success. But how can a REALTOR® reflect those attitudes? Here are six easily achievable steps.

1. Publish Testimonials and Case Studies

People leave testimonials on review sites in two situations: when they’re extremely happy or extremely displeased with the service they received. Positive testimonials offer good indicators of the kind of top-shelf service you provide. 

Case studies are also effective, offering accounts of how your agency has helped clients achieve their goals. Top Agent Magazine recommends asking clients you have closer relationships with if you can make their stories public.

2. Be Responsive and Accessible

REALTORS® have busy lives. But that’s true with everybody—including your clients. So, if your client asks a question or expresses concern, they need to know that you will respond to them promptly. Optimally, you should be able to respond to clients within a few hours. Try to keep a reasonable schedule so you don’t have to reschedule or cancel client meetings.

3. Cultivate Honesty and Transparency

Don’t try to disguise your uncertainty when it comes to knowledge. There is nothing wrong with telling a client, “I don’t know.” What matters is that you promise to find the answer to their question and then genuinely seek that answer. 

Top Agent Magazine recommends always being transparent about your business operations and practices. This kind of honesty will earn you the respect of your client base.

4. Go the Extra Mile

As with online testimonials, clients react strongly when they are treated very well or very poorly. Even if you do everything right, if you only provide your clients with the bare minimum of service, they may not value your services. Look for opportunities to give a little extra effort on behalf of your clients. Your clients will appreciate your efforts and may be more likely to recommend you in the future. 

5. Practice Empathy

Clients understand that real estate agents need to earn a living. However, they don’t want to feel like “just another client” or a means to making money on your road to success. They need to know a REALTOR® sees their concerns. 

Put yourself in your client’s shoes, no matter how often you’ve heard their issues before. Your client needs to know you will put yourself on the line for them.

6. Be Consistent

The real estate business doesn’t offer many “fake it till you make it” opportunities. Being a good REALTOR® means being responsive, hospitable, and informed—and not just “turning it on” when you have to interact with clients. 

Take a systematic approach to establishing your workflow. Slow down and think about ways to improve your business relationships, leaving systems open for future updates. This will establish consistency and reinforce the idea that your clients will get great service every time they work with you.

About Top Agent Magazine:

Top Agent Magazine, a revered presence and trusted source in the real estate industry for over two decades, is the premier publication dedicated to celebrating excellence. With a deep-seated commitment to showcasing the best real estate agents, lenders, property managers, real estate attorneys, and industry professionals, Top Agent Magazine has earned a stellar reputation that transcends geographical borders. Its mission is to offer a comprehensive view of those in the industry’s achievements, providing a guiding light for aspiring professionals.



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