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Top Agent Magazine Reveals 6 Ways To Get More Referrals

Top Agent Magazine is a reputable source of insights and motivation within the real estate sector, showcasing the most accomplished real estate agents, mortgage lenders, property managers, and real estate attorneys worldwide, sharing their stories of success.

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With editions across the globe including Top Agent Magazine Los Angeles, Top Agent Magazine New York, Top Agent Magazine Australia, and many others, Top Agent Magazine shares key tips for building a successful business through referrals.

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As the prominent magazine for Realtors®, mortgage lenders, and real estate attorneys, Top Agent Magazine has seen online marketing and technology transform every sector. Many people are turning to the internet to find new products, utilizing online reviews to vet their choices before they make a purchase. But real estate and many other service-providing businesses remain strongly tied to referrals and word of mouth. When faced with finding someone to help complete a project, task, or job, most people wouldn’t prefer to sift through hundreds of online reviews to decide who to hire. Getting a referral from a trusted professional or personal connection is the ideal way to go, as it reduces risk and ensures quality work is performed.

While seeking out new business is important, it’s just as vital to cultivate a strong referral network. In the competitive service industry, a strong referral is a golden ticket to unlocking unparalleled sales opportunities. Here's the inside scoop on how to harness this power.

  1. Cultivate Desire for Referrals: Rather than directly requesting referrals, create an environment where clients are eager to offer them. Provide exceptional service to everyone and they will be excited to recommend you to their loved ones. Make your contact information available and shareable through business cards and websites. It’s helpful to let clients know your growth relies on their referrals. This fosters a sense of partnership and subtly encourages them to think of who else might benefit from your services.

  2. Be Proactive with Your Own Referrals: Good work might earn you referrals, but standing out requires more. Be the person who frequently refers others, keeping your business top-of-mind for your clients. This reciprocal approach builds a communal success mindset, enhancing the likelihood of referrals returning to you.

  3. Connect with New Customers: New clients, thrilled by fresh, exceptional service, are eager to share their discovery. These are the clients to approach for referrals. Unlike long-term customers who may have already referred you to everyone they know, new clients are more likely to actively promote your business.

  4. Express Gratitude for Referrals: Acknowledging referrers with gifts or personalized tokens of appreciation can significantly enhance referral likelihood. Surprise gestures of gratitude can reinforce the value you place on referrals, motivating continuous client engagement and recommendation.

  5. Distinguish Between Referrals and Leads: A referral is a warm, personal endorsement, whereas a lead is a contact needing cultivation. To acquire genuine referrals, ask clients about their close friends and family who might need your services, ensuring a more personal and committed introduction.

  6. Provide Shareable, Valuable Materials: Instead of merely asking clients to spread the word, equip them with unique, useful tools or resources linked to your business. This method allows your clients to effortlessly introduce your services, enhancing the chances of acquiring quality referrals without imposing on them. Examples can include anything from a yearly calendar with your contact info on it, a monthly newsletter with useful information about your industry, or a notepad personalized with your branding. By integrating your business into valuable, shareable content, you facilitate organic growth and visibility.

Seeking out new business is a key to growth, but the human touch of referrals remains unmatched in its ability to forge trust and drive business success. By adopting strategies that nurture referrals, businesses can unlock the next level of expansion.


Top Agent Magazine highlights the achievements of top real estate agents, mortgage lenders, property managers, and real estate attorneys worldwide. A feature story in the magazine is highly coveted and only offered to those who meet the publication's benchmarks for success. Their profiles offer a deep-dive into the successful career paths of real estate professionals, providing inspiration to readers across the globe.



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