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The Top 5 Values From The Richest 1% on Work-Life Balance That You Can Implement Today

Written by: Susanne Grant, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


“Work hard, and you will be a success,” “Hustle your way to the top,” and “If you're not succeeding, you just don’t want it bad enough.” To be successful, you have to sacrifice some, if not everything you are. Are you wondering if your success is worth sacrificing you, your relationships and family, and your health? The “you have to suffer to be worthy” mentality is deeply rooted in our collective consciousness.

Many gurus out there believe this is the only way to be successful. But what if there is another way to be deeply wealthy - in all areas of your life and not just your bank account? What if you can have it all and live a rich and fulfilling life? Working with the 1%, I’ve found that maintaining a healthy work-life balance is actually one of the ultimate sustainable business decisions they made. These are the lessons I’ve learned working with these conscious leaders. Enjoy my latest article for Brainz Magazine, The Top 5 Values from the Richest 1% on Work-Life Balance That You Can Implement Today.

1. They Value Innovation

“We’ve always done it this way” is one of the most dangerous sayings in the English language. However, these leaders value innovation above anything else. Just because others say it is impossible doesn’t mean they will allow themselves to stop. Even though this mentality occasionally drives some too far, it allows for fantastic opportunities to be created if applied correctly. Therefore the richest who value innovation are often at the top of their industries leading the way!

2. They Value Quality Time

How many times do you see these goal-driven slogans and advertisements encouraging you to work until you drop? Just like everyone else, the richest want to be loved, find purpose and feel safe. That is why the 1% recognizes quality time as one of the core values and needs that drive us all. Therefore they make time for downtime and have a great work-life balance. As they spend time in nature or with friends and family, they allow themselves to connect and feel great as they lead by example. They know rest is a productivity activity, and doing “nothing” will help the creative juices flowing, leading to inspired ideas and higher productivity. They can show up as themselves, giving the people around them the permission to do the same.

“You don’t have to work yourself into a breakdown to prove you are worthy and dedicated. You are most effective when your cup is full and overflowing!” Susanne Grant

3. They Value Themselves As Much As You

When it comes to the world's wealthiest people, they appreciate themselves as much as they value the people they work with. Although, historically speaking, the “wealthy” have gotten a bad rap and stereotypes like rich people are arrogant, greedy, or selfish are frequently used in everyday conversations, there is a new form of leadership and wealth on the rise, and these leaders recognize the importance of truly valuing themselves and their own gifts as well as others.

4. They Value Personal Expansion

Because the richest 1% understand the value in allowing the best in people to show themselves, they are committed to personal expansion for themselves and others. They make time to reflect, recharge and realign with their goals. It is not just the business goals and targets that matter. They also included personal goals, as well as family goals. Besides spending time each day reading or listening to podcasts, they also make time to meditate. Because when you feel great, you produce great ideas and great results. They know to always put alignment before action as they work with the laws of the universe, and they encourage the people around them to do the same.

5. They Value Giving Back

The richest 1% value giving back, and as they have a great work-life balance, they can spend their time in a way they seem fit. Whether they donate to charities or are hands-on with their local communities, they make a real impact, and they are very grateful for what life has to offer them.

There is nothing wrong with working hard and bringing your vision to life, but real success isn’t just a number in your bank account. It’s how you feel inside when you look yourself into your eyes in the mirror or the things you tell yourself late at night. Success can come without sacrifice if you are willing to change how you spend your time and what you were made to believe growing up. These examples taking from my award-winning coaching business show that real, sustainable long term success, wellbeing, health, and wealth start by adopting an all-inclusive work-life balance VISION that serves both you, your family, and your company/companies. And if they can do it, so can you!

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Ready to Have Impact You Desire Without Sacrifice?

Even though we are made to believe otherwise, you can be successful without sacrificing health, wealth, marriage, or YOU. If you feel inspired by this article and are ready to explore what real, sustainable health and wealth means to you, your family, and your business, let’s connect. I would love for you to join these amazing and inspiring leaders in our community here.

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Susanne Grant, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Susanne Grant is a Work-Life Balance Expert, Intuitive Business Coach & Consultant, International 1 Bestselling Author, and 2020 Great British Entrepreneur Awards Finalist. She helps business owners - who know they’ve hit the ceiling in their time, energy, and/or income - to implement a personalized strategy. This allows them to move forward to achieve their goals with confidence by finding the perfect work-life mix for them, their families, and their businesses. Susanne has helped hundreds of clients implement their new strategy via the Grant Method, her unique coaching program, which allows her clients to get clear on what they truly want, on a practical but also an energetic level, figure out how these pieces fit together, and implement these elements back into the business in a way that works for them. She is a strategic, business-minded thinker with the powerful ability to read information from her client's energy; the perfect blend of strategy and spirit to help her clients break through their perceived limitations, upgrade their mindset and take their business to the next level – without the burnout or hustle! Find out more about Susanne Grant and the Grant Method Business Coaching at



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