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The Secret To Finding Your Calling In Your Job

Written by: Twanna Carter, PhD, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


In recent years, there has been a shift in thinking when it comes to women and their careers. Where once the focus was solely on earning money, now many mid and senior career women feel that finding your calling is more important. And while money is still important, it is no longer the be-all and end-all. This change in thinking is why women seek out a career coach.

You are the leader and founder of two businesses. Before we delve deeper into your work, can you tell us something about yourself, your life and how your journey started?

I support women in their career transitions. I’m a professional certified coach, speaker, NGH certified hypnotherapist, and writer who is passionate about helping other women break through the barriers that keep them from their dreams. I help them master the art of making a graceful transition.

I didn’t always know that I could help others find their calling. I was plagued by anxiety early in my career. I was actually a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army when I discovered I had this unique talent for coaching folks to focus and make their next best career move.

And, yes, 20 years later, I still get excited every time my clients land their dream job and call me up and we celebrate!

During my own self-discovery, I learned that one of my work values is variety. That means I like to change careers because I get bored easily. So, I pretty much had to learn how to successfully shift careers! Entrepreneurship has given me the opportunity to share that unique skill with other professional women.

How did you decide on a business name?

The name of my business is Twanna Carter Professional & Personal Coaching, LLC.

It was so easy for me to hide behind my computer or phone—to avoid eye contact, or to find excuses not to talk with people I didn't know in my first business. But naming my second company after myself was the biggest way I could stand up to social anxiety and stop hiding in the background— and it was EMPOWERING!

Just recently the Bowie Award Program recognized Twanna Carter Professional & Personal Coaching, LLC with the 2022 Best of Bowie Award in the Life Coach category. It’s a very nice feeling when someone recognizes you for doing the work you truly love.

Who has been the most influential person in your life?

My parents inspired me to be the best I can be. My mom and dad had me when they were really young. So, my mom didn’t get to finish high school until the year I graduated from high school. It was always her dream to be a nurse. One of my earliest memories was of her dropping me off at day care to attend nursing assistant school.

It wasn’t until 2003 that she graduated with her nursing degree. It was tough for her. She had a math phobia. She and my dad spent hours and hours at night getting her through the math. It was such a proud moment when she walked across that stage! My three girls were there to see her get her degree. It was a 38-year journey, with lots of ups and downs as we traveled around the world with my dad who was in the Army. But she earned that nursing degree.

I learned determination, perseverance, and commitment to public service from her.

Why are you inspired to do this work?

I struggled with social anxiety, and inferiority complex, and impostor syndrome. It really adversely affected my career performance and career choices from early to mid-career. I was plagued by doubt, and it took me years to understand my own value and self-worth.

I believe every woman deserves to follow a path of purpose that not only brings them joy and happiness. But also allows them to make money from doing what they love using their natural strengths, gifts, and abilities. So that they don’t feel like they have to settle because of fear and uncertainty.

There is so much fear when women want to move and the uncertainty about the unknown, that they resort to staying stuck because they don’t have the necessary support.

I don’t want to see women spend their lives in stress, unfulfilled and wasting their potential and looking back in regret… not on my watch.

I want to help women truly recognize what they’re really worth. And understand their value and that they have everything that they need to offer the world.

Who are your clients? And what is the journey they take with you?

As a career coach, I work with stressed, busy women executives, who are plagued by impostor syndrome, self-criticism, and doubt to alleviate their stress so that they can find peace of mind and fully focus on excelling in their careers.

And I empower them to find and make extraordinary career transitions. By taking them through a three-level V.I.P. career journey.

Visible (V)

The Visible Level is where the client understands what it takes to create a personal brand that stands out for maximum visibility. By first becoming visible to herself and really delving into her knowing all of her own unique talents and gifts. So that she communicates with clarity and confidence to hiring managers, hiring panels, or audiences. What that does, is clears away the overwhelm and the doubt, so that she no longer second guesses herself or freezes and takes no action whatsoever. The client knows her true worth, which ultimately means she can land the role that fits her purpose and passion.

Implementation (I) Level

At this level the client gets step-by-step guidance through the career planning process, so she makes steady progress, moves forward without getting stuck and overcome with fear and overwhelm through the Implementation level. I say Implementation. It's not just about holding her hand and as she puts this plan in motion, though there is plenty of hand holding. What it really is about is that the client has a sounding board as she transitions into the new role, learns the political climate, and feels supported throughout the onboarding and the first months in the job.

Prosperity (P) Level

The Prosperity level is where the client feels equipped to go for a promotion or career change by having the right mindset and strategy to go ahead with it in complete certainty and self-assurance. She recognizes what kind of jobs are a good fit for her, so she saves time, energy, and money while pursuing new opportunities. The client owns her true worth, stands in her power and feels confident to get the salary she’s deserving. And just as important, she knows in her heart, without question she has landed the job that fulfills her calling.

At these levels of consciousness, you can see how much more powerful it makes her feel realizing that she doesn’t have to settle or compromise with unfulfilling jobs anymore. She sees how much more effective it is once she stops letting others define her ca

Last but not least, how does one schedule a consultation with you?

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Twanna Carter, Ph.D., Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

An ICF Professional Certified Coach PCC) who works with busy women executives struggling with self-criticism, impostor syndrome, and stress to increase their mental fitness so that they can feel at ease again in their own skin and confidently enjoy the careers and life they've built.

Rather than coach symptoms, she leverages her coaching so that women work on the root causes that threaten to sabotage their career and life. Which means clients see immediate change resulting in decreased stress, increased confidence, and shifting from overwhelm to relaxation.

Recognized as an Office of Personnel Management Presidential Management Fellow, Twanna left full-time federal employment to be an entrepreneur. She is currently the CEO of Twanna Carter Professional & Personal Coaching, LLC.



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