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The Power Of Networking – The Gym – the Perfect Networking Business

Written by: Yves Preissler, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


We are living in an era of collaboration. Networking is crucial to growing any business, which is also valid for gym and fitness businesses. Building a solid network can help single-location gym owners or CEOs of large gym chains attract more members and boost business growth. The environment you create for your business influences your outcomes, so it's essential to design your ecosystem strategically. Build networking and connection building into the customer journey. This will give your suppliers, contractors, and team a hand in meeting new business opportunities.

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Here are four ways to root for fellow gym owners and fitness creators to grow your own following, relationships, and business.

Share the Spotlight

Instead of exclusively promoting your gym, consider shining a light on another gym business, a supplier, or a fitness creator's work that you genuinely admire. You can do this by featuring them in your social media posts, articles, newsletters, conversations, or at events such as fitness summits or trade shows. This can attract their attention and lead to new followers and opportunities for you.

Break Down Someone Else's Work and Share it Publicly.

You can grow your online and market reputation by analyzing and showcasing other gym management pros or fitness creators' work. For example, you can break down how other gyms build their membership base, have designed a unique equipment layout and product mix, or how fitness creators develop their social media following with a strategy that sticks out from the masses. This can help your audience learn something new while also providing exposure to the featured creator. This aid you plant the seeds for a unique and potentially valuable relationship.

Host Collaborations or Interviews

Teaming up with other gyms, consultants, suppliers, educators or fitness creators in your niche or complementary niches can help you tap into each other's networks, leading to better visibility and growth for both of you. To create mutual visibility online, you can propose a joint project, such as an online workout challenge, webinar, podcast, question & answer hour, etc..,

Be a Thoughtful Connector

As you broaden your network, you'll come across people who would benefit from knowing each other. Consider making introductions when appropriate, whether it's connecting two gym managers with similar interests or introducing fellow fitness creators, a contractor, a supplier, or gym members to (a) potential client(s). Just be sure to get permission from both parties before making the introduction. When you play the role of a connector, you become known as a valuable and helpful person, attracting more members, team members, followers, and partners.

In conclusion, growing your gym, membership base, and fitness business is about more than just working in isolation and promoting your own thing. It's about genuinely supporting the industry, suppliers, and fitness creators along their journeys. By building a routine that includes rooting for the fitness industry, you'll strengthen your network and create deep, mutually beneficial relationships along the way. Elevate your network and watch your fitness business thrive. Remember, others winning doesn't take anything away from your ability to succeed.

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Yves Preissler, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Yves Preissler is the founder of YP Business Consulting. Yves is leading a team of professionals bringing a wealth of global expertise in providing fitness turn key solutions for commercial, residential, hotel and large scale home gyms. The YP team guides investors, developers and business owners through all the stages required in a successful project: Market / competitive studies, feasibility analysis, detailed financials, location sourcing, concept design, design/ project development, project management, recruitment, sales, marketing and operations.



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