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The Power Of Client Testimonials

Gillian Skeer – Master Coach NLP is a Global Coach who enables her clients to live purpose-driven, authentic, successful, and outstanding personal and professional lives! Gillian is highly-credentialled and has over 30 years’ experience in coaching, communications, facilitation, developing individuals and teams, business development and marketing.

Executive Contributor Gillian Skeer

In this article, Master Coach Gillian Skeer looks at the how her clients’ results and success stories have led to inspirational client testimonials and qualified word of mouth referrals; which not only underpin the acquisition of new clients in her Life and Success Coaching business, but more importantly, provide assurance to others who are ready to take the leap into self-empowerment.

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Building trust and credibility

In the world of life and professional development coaching, where success is measured by tangible results and personal transformations, client testimonials and word of mouth referrals stand as pillars of credibility and effectiveness.

As a professional Life and Success Master Coach, I understand the significance of establishing trust with my clients, by demonstrating my ability to empower individuals towards their goals.

Trust is paramount. Prospective clients seek assurance that as their chosen Coach, I possess the expertise and capability to guide them on their journey to success. And we also need to feel a sense of rapport, and form a meaningful connection, to fulfil that trust. After all, they are trusting me with their innermost thoughts, their pain points, their insecurities and their authentic selves. I am holding confidential and caring space for them. My clients’ testimonials serve as powerful social proof, offering genuine accounts of the positive impact my coaching has had on their lives. When potential clients read about the transformative experiences of others, they can confidently trust that they can have the same.

Similarly, word-of-mouth referrals further solidify credibility and confidence within my networks and beyond. When satisfied clients enthusiastically recommend my services to their friends, family, and associates, it is their own personal experience that speaks to the quality of my coaching and the results I deliver. It is through these organic endorsements that others can have trust in me as a guide in their personal and professional development.


Real results and success stories

I fully realise the significance and importance of the work I do for people, and I do not take lightly my responsibility for ensuring the positive affect that it has on their lives. My satisfied clients will gladly tell their story of accomplishment and success. While I’m honoured to receive such feedback, in my mind it is not so much about me as their Coach, as it is about the courage of my clients to embark on their coaching journey which has allowed them to have transformative experiences. And typically, these experiences will have positive flow-on effects to other people in their lives.

Their success stories serve as inspiration for others who may be on the fence about undertaking life coaching. They demonstrate that real change is possible; they are people who have genuinely been willing to attest to the profound affect it has made to their lives, and that similar results are available to anyone willing to take the leap into the growth experience for themselves.

My ultimate goal is to empower my clients to achieve their desired outcomes. Whether it's overcoming personal obstacles, achieving career milestones, embracing change, mastering essential life skills, or utilising proven strategies for outstanding results, the sharing of these success stories by the clients themselves, illustrates the effectiveness of coaching methodologies.


By highlighting specific achievements and breakthrough moments, clients’ paint a vivid picture of the transformative journey they have undertaken under my guidance.


Like my client who dreaded going to his daily job, even though it was secure and well-paid. By overcoming his limiting beliefs, he was able to pursue his passion for wellness and successfully establish himself in his own business as a leading authority in the wellness industry.

And my client who had trod a difficult and disempowering path in life, who learned to let go of her past, find her independence and courage, and is now well on her way to building her business empire.

My clients are the heroes of their very own individual stories. It is their journey to success that is the inspiration for others.

Gillian Skeer testimonial

Testimonials for Gillian Skeer – Master coach


Gill has an amazing gift, which I will be eternally grateful that she shared with me. By far the most rewarding investment I've ever made. – Damien H.


The outcome has been incredible! I can’t recommend Gill highly enough for the outstanding work she has delivered. She is simply A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! – Federica F.


My life not only "makes sense", but I am also living it fearlessly. Gill is caring, professional, empathetic, and her counsel is excellent. – Eva C.


It's all about relationship

My personal philosophy is that coaching is all about Relationships.

Fostering authentic relationships and truly caring about my clients brings me immense satisfaction in the work that I do. Together, we build a camaraderie that yields optimum outcomes.

I take my role in their development process very seriously. At the same time, I make the coaching journey uplifting, interesting, challenging, motivating, and inspiring – and I encourage my clients to celebrate their success! They are a part of my coaching family, a community that keeps growing so there are more and more empowered people out there living the life that they want.

Client testimonials and word of mouth referrals are not only valuable for attracting new clients but also for nurturing existing relationships. When I showcase the successes of past clients, I affirm the trust and partnership I share with my current clientele. They see themselves reflected in the stories of others and feel reassured that they are on the right path towards achieving their own goals.

Moreover, satisfied clients who provide testimonials or refer others to my coaching services become ambassadors for my brand. They become invested in my continued success, just as I am invested in theirs’, and they remain my loyal connections over the long term.

The testimonials of those who have taken the leap, serve as beacons of inspiration, enthusing and motivating others towards the transformative journey of personal and professional growth.


To see if we are a fantastic fit to work together, Email to join me for a free discovery mini-session.


Gillian Skeer, Master Coach NLP

Gillian Skeer – Master Coach NLP is a Global Coach who enables her clients to live purpose-driven, authentic, successful, and outstanding personal and professional lives! Gillian is highly-credentialled and has over 30 years’ experience in coaching, communications, facilitation, developing individuals and teams, business development and marketing. A co-author of several international best-selling books and a consultant to international companies, Gillian brings her inspiration and commitment to all her clients. The relationship between client and coach is paramount, and Gillian’s philosophy of genuine connection and championing her clients has proven to be a winning formula, as her 5-Star reviews confirm.



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