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The Number One Reason For Career Dissatisfaction

Written by: Chrysanthi Vazitari, Executive Contributor

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Working with more than 200 people around the world and having more than a thousand conversations with people about careers, I came to the conclusion that there is one underlying reason for why people experience career dissatisfaction and that reason is none other than…

employee form

Drum roll please…


Alignment on: values, on our goals, lifestyle, usage of our superpowers.

Knowing your work "superpowers" or strengths can help you identify tasks and projects that align with your abilities and interests, leading to increased job satisfaction and motivation. This can make work feel more enjoyable and fulfilling. When you use your natural talents, you are more likely to be successful and feel a sense of accomplishment, which can positively impact your overall attitude towards your job.

Knowing your values can help you align your work with what is important to you, leading to a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment in your job. When your work aligns with your values, you are more likely to be motivated, engaged, and feel a sense of satisfaction. This can make your work feel more meaningful and enjoyable, leading to a positive relationship with your job. Additionally, being clear on your values can also help you make decisions and navigate workplace challenges with greater ease, increasing your overall satisfaction with your work.

But what does alignment really mean?

Living in alignment with your purpose or your higher self means that you're “vibrating” at a frequency that matches that of your soul's intention. Meaning that whatever you're thinking, feeling and doing right now is that of your true authentic self and not a result of your ego self and societal influences.

A simple question comes to mind, that of “Do you know why you do what you do?”

We keep seeing all these Venn diagrams about ikigai, or these famous quotes “do what you love as a profession and you never have to work a day in your life”. Unfortunately, that’s not really how it works. You can love your job, every big or small task that you have to do and still be surrounded by a toxic environment or vice versa. You can be exactly where you want to be, and still, feel like something is missing.

Career satisfaction is, without a doubt, multi-aspected.

From the tasks that you do, the colleagues that you have, to the lifestyle and money a career “provides” you. We are identified from the many hats that we wear, the hat of a child, parent, friend, partner, colleague, sibling etc. The same goes for our career as well. Being able to point the finger on what doesn't satisfy you at work is oftentimes difficult. The lack of clarity on what troubles us at work in addition to the little fire inside, sparkling our deepest wishes and desires together with limiting beliefs and self-sabotage, makes us so freaking confused.

Here is a simple guide of 6 areas, which can help you see the requirements needed to have this desired satisfaction in your career:

  1. Alignment of your values and work: Find work that aligns with your values and passions, so that you are motivated and engaged in your job.

  2. Purposeful work: Having a sense of purpose in your job and contributing to a greater good can bring fulfillment and satisfaction.

  3. Skill development: Continuously developing and honing your skills can help you feel confident and competent in your work.

  4. Work-life balance: Finding a balance between work and personal life can help reduce stress and increase overall satisfaction.

  5. Good work environment: A positive work environment, with supportive colleagues and a fair work culture, can contribute to a happier and more satisfied work life.

  6. Fair compensation: Feeling fairly compensated for your work can increase job satisfaction and reduce financial stress.

Sounds easy, right? And it is easy, maybe not the easiest, but once you really know what you are looking for, then and only then you can find it! Remember, career satisfaction is a personal journey and what works for one person may not work for another. It's important to regularly assess your needs and preferences to ensure you are on the right track to finding satisfaction in your work.

In my programme, Career Bootcamp, we dive deep into each one of these elements, from how to discover your passion or your career superpowers, to build your confidence, make a career plan and work effectively. The Career Bootcamp is a self-paced programme of 10 modules with specialized exercises, tools and techniques to Level UP your career. Curious?

Have a look here.

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Chrysanthi Vazitari, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Chrysanthi is a certified transformational coach working with multi-passionate and highly energetic professionals, who try to get career satisfaction, advancement or who want to completely pivot their careers. Chrysa has successfully pivoted her career three times already, from an educator to communications advisor in big corporations and is now an entrepreneur/coach. She is the founder of Career Grow & Glow and the co-founder of GrowthUP coaching. Her coaching method is the ACC: Awareness ‒ Clarity ‒ Choice (by CMA) in combination with somatic/embodied and cognitive-behavioral elements. Of course, there is constant change, as she doesn't rest and keep incorporating new methods along the way!



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