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The Lighthouse: From Darkness Of Trauma To Guiding And Healing Others – A Glimpse Into Lightworker’s Path With Violet Kay

Violet Kay is a lightworker, psychic medium and healer. She endured challenges and trauma that nearly snuffed out her inner light and took it as an opportunity to heal and break the karmic cycle.

Violet promotes self-love and empowers people to create their own lives according to their own will, and the highest good of everyone involved.

She combines psychic mediumship readings and energy healing with mental health support, and she adds a bit of angelic magick into this mix! 

Violet has been practicing spiritual rituals for 14+ years. Her practice draws on such schools of philosophical and spiritual thought as Hermetic Kabbalah and Enochian (angelic) magick.

In a 2022 book by T. Pendragon, Taking the Flight Out of the Broom Closet, Violet was featured as one of “The Wise”, where she shared her story and advice for newly awakened people.

People often report feeling at ease the moment they sit with her. After spending time with Violet, they also report emotional healing and clearing, as well as a stronger sense of direction. 

Violet is a shining Lighthouse who can guide you towards transformation, self-love, empowerment, and a happier life.

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Violet Kay, Lightworker

Violet, could you explain who exactly a lightworker is?

A lightworker is someone who symbolically transmutes darkness into light. In terms of our everyday life, it’s a person who has endured some challenges or trauma and took it as an opportunity to look deeper within themselves, heal, and then pass their wisdom and experience on to others, rather than repeating the cycle of trauma. 

They show up in many different paths, e.g. a teacher, chef, artist, or animal rescuer, and bring hope and guidance, especially in difficult times. These challenges can be relationship problems, job loss, anxiety, accidents, being confused and lost in life, or traumas that cause severe stress and fear of moving forward. 

Tell us about a pivotal moment in your life that brought you to where you are today.

For me it wasn’t only one pivotal moment, but conditions I was born into and how my whole life had developed.

Imagine growing up treated as if you’re hard, or even sometimes impossible, to love. Add a civil war and becoming a refugee into this mix - this additional factor only multiplies the already existing challenges and traumas within your multinational family. You can also throw in being an energy sensitive empath that can sense other people's emotions, their energy, and sometimes even pick up their thoughts! This adds a lot of sensory overload on top of everything else.

Imagine hitting rock bottom at the age of 17, when you’re being rejected and abandoned by the very people who were supposed to love and take care of you. It really hits deep and hard when you are told that there’s no place for you in either of their new families, and you must find yourself some place to stay.

And it is only later in life when you realize you were actually the worthiest of them all. You find out you’ve been surrounded by people full of self-hate who gained light only by putting out yours. Imagine finding out that love, respect, and abundance is your birthright!

Imagine picking yourself up, step by step, from the darkest pit hole, and creating a wonderful life for yourself, where you feel safe, have a loving and respecting partner and a child that you both love and cherish, having your own successful business and your own house. The realization that you have made it out of the pit, broke all the cycles, and built your own lighthouse is extremely empowering! 

Image photo of Violet Kay

How do you help others?

I’m here to plant seeds of higher consciousness, help people tap into unconditional love, and teach them to connect to their own Divinity. 

I specialise in soul readings and healing – just like regular psychic readings, they involve some prophecy, but also healing, inspiration, insights, and giving you practical tools or exercises necessary for your journey. Visualizations, affirmations, meditations, some written exercises, gemstone healing, or any other relevant exercises may be suggested. I encourage people to create their own future. Fate is fluid. Destiny is in your hands. Remember that you can always improve your timeline. I did, and so can you!

I usually start with a few questions that will help me understand where the person is at this moment of their journey and what they want or need. I might offer either an energy healing, psychic mediumship reading or both (combo session). All my offerings are available in-person (Ireland) and online. 

Sometimes a person might feel an unexplainable need to come and see me. In these cases, there’s usually an important message from a loved one in Spirit or a Spirit Guide involved. 

In other cases, people come in for a reading and as I read for them, they also receive healing through channelling from beings of light. I don’t even have to lay my hands on them when this transmission happens. I noticed this occurring increasingly often at the events where I offer readings only. Spirit knows that whoever came for a reading would benefit more from a healing session, and so Spirit sends it. When this spontaneous healing occurs, I feel a being of light beside me and the energy flow from them through my chakras to the clients’ chakras. My sitter might feel this transfer or not, depending on their own energy sensitivity. But whether they feel this transmission of light or not, people often report feeling at ease the moment they sit with me. They also report emotional healing and clearing directly after the session.

Image photo of Violet Kay

Can you share any upcoming developments, new features, or future plans for your business?

Of course! I’m delighted to share my two main recent developments with you.

I’ve recently released my own aura and room spray, Angel Aura. It’s already available on my website. This blend is infused with potent energy channelled from 10 beings of light. Angel Aura will cleanse away any negative influences and instantly lift vibrations in your room and around you. The stimulating citrus, cleansing sage and calming lavender is a powerful combination for purification and protection. I initially developed Angel Aura for my own professional use but later realized how helpful it might be for everyone! Angel Aura is potent but has a calming effect on people. Angel Aura envelopes you in a bubble of light.

I’m also proud to announce that I’m about to join a panel of teachers at the Mediumship Matters Spiritual School. This online platform was created by one of the top UK mediums, Hannah McIntyre. The aim of Hannah’s school is to offer an all-in-one platform with many different topics and courses to choose from for your spiritual development. As Hannah described it: “Think of us as your spiritual BFFs, here to guide you, share wisdom, and cheer you on every step of the way.”

Would you have a final message for our readers?

There’s always hope and unconditional love available for you to tap into. Your subconscious is like a hard drive. After being traumatized, you need to delete the corrupted files one by one, and then download the correct software directly from The Source. Fate is fluid. Destiny is in your hands!

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