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The Importance of eCommerce to Storefronts

Written by: Daniela Cifuentes & Jonatan Ortiz, Executive Contributor

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As the whole world navigates the daily challenges brought by the coronavirus pandemic, it wouldn’t be enough for storefronts to just commit to short-term actions to alleviate the effects of quarantine measures and government shutdowns. Instead, with times slowly becoming less volatile, business owners should start assessing the recent changes that might stay for good. One perfect example of such change is none other than consumer behavior.

It is not a secret that since many storefronts have decided to close their doors in the meantime and shoppers try to lower their risks by stating at home, more and more consumers are turning to online shopping to buy the stuff they need and want. To improve the digitalization of the marketplace and address the recent changes, the importance of eCommerce to storefronts has become a glaring and stark reality now more than ever.

"COVID-19 has resulted in a more steep change in how consumers shop."

Changes in Consumer Behavior During the Pandemic

With COVID-19 continuously causing disruptions in businesses and industries worldwide, the bigger consumer industry has started to operate in unchartered territory. In the midst of limitations in local movements, restrictions on travel, and widespread health problems, the industry now faces the fastest and greatest changes in shopping behavior like never before.

Buyer adaptation of online shopping for consumer packaged goods has notably increased for the past couple of years. However, while factors such as improvements in experience, infrastructure, and technology led to changes in consumer behavior, COVID-19 has resulted in a more steep change in how consumers shop.

It only goes to say that the industry has reached a critical turning point. If historical behaviors hold true, online shopping growth will remain steady well into the new normal after the pandemic. To keep up with this new reality, brands have to come up with new eCommerce and online capabilities to conquer the digital shelf and guarantee a positive customer experience. These should include getting across their value propositions online in new ways and learning the proper management of digital operations, such as avoiding delivery delays and out of stocks, fulfillment, managing digital advertising, and more.

What to Do to Increase and Improve Online Presence

You need to meet consumers online as they go there to search for products. If you are a storefront, you can no longer expect the daily foot traffic of customers visiting your store. These customers are online now, and they are looking for products to buy.

In the world of eCommerce, there are several opportunities you should pursue to achieve your objective and these continue to change. You can try launching a direct-to-consumer business and drive customers to your site where they could learn more about your brand and reach a purchasing decision. Some opportunities also include getting in front of larger volumes of consumers with the help of different online marketplaces.

Plan for the Consumer Environment in the Future

If history serves as a guide, opportunities in the future will become more attractive. With mankind being creatures of habit, shoppers will soon discover and develop purchasing habits and behavior that can continue even into the future. Instead of focusing strategies on just one channel, storefronts and brands must become more flexible. With the rise of retail brands, storefronts might end up closing permanently. It means that they should pursue more variable and incremental opportunities to drive growth in sales and attract more new customers online.

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Daniela Cifuentes & Jonatan Ortiz, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Daniela and John are a married couple that has worked in different sectors allowing them to incorporate a variety of perspectives and skills in their projects. Our mission is to help new and existing brands increase their visibility. We help owners create a connection to their demographic through media content and marketing strategies. We have years of experience with customer management and sales stemming from the Insurance and the Real estate sector. While pursuing many and new ventures, our time management skills have been put to the test. Balancing an entrepreneurs life, a new addition to our family, and a pandemic has forced us to try new methods we hope to share soon. Our passion is to inspire entrepreneurs and hustlers to chase their goals and accomplish their dreams. Hobbies include learning, everything nature, travel, fitness, and urban agriculture.

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