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The Growth Mindset

Written by: Patricia Renovato, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


How do you approach your life? Are you goal-oriented? Do you track your progress? Are you always trying to master an activity or a subject? What motivates you to grow?

A growth mindset is choosing to expand every day. A physical achievement can realize this, a work accomplishment, a shift in perspective, a new experience, overcoming fear, learning something new, etc. It’s about committing to growing in some way, every single day. It’s not always easy because sometimes you may have bad days. But even in those bad days, your commitment to growth can be small, like setting an intention for the day before getting out of bed. Once growth work becomes part of your routine, you naturally start incorporating it as part of your day, just like brushing your teeth. Do you ever go without brushing your teeth at least once a day?

You define what is normal for you. It shouldn’t feel like work that you want to procrastinate. It involves activities that inspire you and aligns with your life goals. Everything that you choose to do is an investment towards the grander vision for your life.

You were not put on Earth to be stagnant. You were not designed to survive. There’s a meaning for your existence, and it’s expressed through your purpose. It is intended to serve the world in some special way. If you find that you’re stagnant, ask yourself: What are you afraid of?

It’s easy to get started because you decide the pace, and you know the source of your motivation. Here are some steps to help you integrate daily growth into your routine:

Commit to growth

  • Allocate time for growth. You can start with 5 minutes and then increase from there.

  • Adopt a “learn mode” attitude.

  • Be realistic about what you can and want to commit to.

Get clear about your goals.

What does the end goal look like?

  • You have short and long-term goals; how does your growth work support that?

Why do you want it?

  • What do you expect to gain from it?

  • And who else does it serve?

Be adaptable as your goals may change over time once you start changing.

Do you have your own buy-in?

Why is committing to a growth mindset important to you?

What will keep you motivated?

Be honest about the things that could get in your way and develop a plan to get back on track.

It’s about the journey.

Appreciate the milestones you experience along the way.

Enjoy the process - this is a commitment you are making for yourself.

Stay curious.

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Patricia Renovato, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

For over a decade, Patricia kept ignoring the growing sensation that she could do more to serve the world. It was daunting to think about dramatically changing her life without direction. After spending some time searching for the answer, Patricia found her calling as a Life Coach. This became the vehicle for her to facilitate the transformation of people who felt stuck in their life, not knowing how to begin a new journey. Patricia dedicates her time to connecting people with their genuine passion for living a passionate and purposeful life. Patricia’s innate ability to see people’s potential beyond their purview inspires clients to work through the inner blocks preventing them from living their dream.



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