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The Beginning Of Becoming

Written by: Judith Germain, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


March 2020 was, for many, the time that the world grew silent. A time of uncertainty and forced isolation. A time where we started to look inwards and reflect on the consequences of our global decisions; and ponder on how those decisions impact on ourselves.

One of the most defining things about Maverick Leaders is that they believe in the greater good principle. That they should, first, do no harm and if that’s not possible, do the least amount of harm. That they should always oscillate towards working for the greater good, with integrity, empathy, and passion. The next significant thing about Maverick Leaders is their self-efficacy, their strong belief in themselves and the knowledge that no matter what happens to them, they will rise.

For many, March 2020 was the beginning of becoming, perhaps unconsciously, a Maverick Leader looking towards the greater good rather than restricting their outlook to strictly what is best for themselves. A search towards having more certainty of who they are and what they believe in. A search for the thing that can ground them, to steady them in the fluctuations that surround and engulf them.

A personal search for something that will enable them to succeed and thrive in 2021 and beyond.

During this uncertain time, there was a realisation as the pandemic progressed, that there was a need to do not only what was right for us but what was also right for others. The greater good principle, and a search for personal certainty, an important foundation block for Maverick Leadership, was in full force during 2020.

The beginning of becoming

I have noticed that when people think about leadership, they often contextualise the concept of ‘leadership’, as one that is applied to the world stage or the workplace. However, it is often forgotten that the first facet of leadership, is the type of leadership that governs our relationship with ourselves.

The journey of becoming includes a realisation that leadership is personal. Personal to you and personal to those that you lead. But who you lead includes every person you interact with.

If we consider that leadership includes every person we interact with, then we must ponder on what the personalisation of leadership really means. The leadership experience that we extend to ourselves and others.

Maverick Leaders understand that we control how everyone experiences our leadership, and we govern how we lead ourselves.

For those that are becoming Maverick Leaders, what they need the most before they can lead others, is something that they can use to ground themselves, to steady themselves in the fluctuations that surround and engulf them. So that they can better understand and control the leadership experience they demonstrate in the world.

WHINES™ the 6 Maverick Attributes of Maverick Leaders

For aspiring Maverick Leaders who are taking their first steps into becoming, they need to understand WHINES™ - the acronym of personal success. This acronym outlines the 6 Maverick Attributes that aspiring Maverick Leaders utilise so that they can lead themselves.

W is for Wilful Independence

When you have wilful independence, it means that you have the determination to do something regardless of what other people think or wish. You are not concerned about being judged by others. Mavericks believe that they alone are in control of their destiny, which is a very liberating, grounding belief. When Maverick Leaders, and those that aspire to become one, hold themselves accountable for their fate they can achieve anything.

H is for Honest Belief

Maverick Leaders are consumed by their own internal drivers and are compelled in the first instance to follow those drivers. They have a strong sense of ‘the truth’, believing that truth is more than anyone perspective and that the concept of ‘objective truth’ is possible. This means that they are always searching for the most likely truth free from ego or bias. Maverick Leaders do not shirk from applying the truth to themselves. This brings a certain strength and reputation. Leaders that are honest with themselves will be honest with the people that they interact with.

This honesty and honest belief in the actions that they undertake, means that they will forgo any agenda that is hidden and will venture unerringly towards the truth that they see. Many find this admirable and inspiring.

I is for Influential

Without trying all Mavericks are influential. They understand the motivations of themselves and others and choose to align all to the cause that they see. This however does not make them blind, as they will seek out dissenting views as a way to test their own belief that what they want to do, is indeed the right thing to do. Effective Maverick Leaders choose influence over manipulation and will ensure that the leadership experience they demonstrate to others are free from toxicity.

N is for kNowledgeable

Mavericks need to be intellectually challenged, so will naturally seek to improve their knowledge, in an area of interest. Aspiring Maverick Leaders will become effective leaders faster if they nurture a pathological curiosity in all things. In this way leaders can become an expert in their area of interest and a specialist in areas that touch on their area of interest.

In this way aspiring Maverick Leaders will deepen their knowledge in many related areas, which will enhance their reputation, credibility and influence.

Execution and output-driven

Mavericks are not interested in other people’s egos and will not ‘move into action’ if its obvious to them that action will not fundamentally change the status quo to an acceptable (to them) level. For aspiring Maverick Leaders this will set them apart as they will become known for challenging an idea that will not succeed and delivering on the ones that will.


Mavericks excel in the pursuit of success whilst embracing the possibility of failure, they define their own success parameters. Maverick Leaders that see failure as just a stepping stone to success is unlikely to succumb to Imposter Syndrome and will not be held back by the fear of failure.

Working towards the greater good can only occur when you are grounded in who you are and what you do. When you have a good sense of who you are, and the picture you see is a favourable one, then you are less inclined to be governed by emotion and ego.

The beginning of becoming a Maverick Leader, able to thrive in a complex, constantly changing environment, becomes easier when you can utilise the Maverick Attributes described in the WHINES™ acronym and you serve the greater good principle.

Becoming … enables the ability to empower others, work for the greater good, grounded in self-efficacy.

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Judith Germain, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Judith Germain is the leading authority on Maverick Leadership. She is a strategic innovator utilising Maverick Leadership principles to empower business owners and leadership teams to have the strategic insight, innovation and execution, to enhance their impact and influence.This enables them to exceed stakeholder expectations, have engaged inclusive teams and attract the clients that they want.

Judith hosts The Maverick Paradox Podcast, is the Founder and Editor of The Maverick Paradox Magazine, and host of The Maverick Paradox @ KLDR radio show. She is the author of The Maverick Paradox: The Secret Power Behind Successful Leaders. Judith is also a senior consultant, trainer and speaker.



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