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The Abundance Marketing Concept For Growing Your Online Business

Written by: Sharon Lee, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise


The very idea that an entrepreneur is merely building a business for the sole sake of making money is ridiculous. The truth is, you can ask any successful business owner, either a brick and mortar or an online business, whether they are successful because of a greater mission and purpose or with the simple goal of making money and they will tell you that it was their purpose, passion and their vision that enabled the business to succeed.

In the landscape of our current financial situation as it is today and in recent years, many people flock to entrepreneurship to escape the soul-sucking, spirit-draining, dull 9-5 job only to find a tremendous amount of struggle to make money and get clients only to give up in defeat.

Aside from the non-sexy but nonetheless critical money-making activities of honing your marketing and sales skills, we often forget about the magical unseen aspects necessary for growth and that is the Energy Factor.

I can hear you asking what that’s supposed to mean.

Your wealth being created from your business isn’t solely from strategy alone. When you look at the concept of desiring a commission over the mission, you can clearly see how shortsighted this is to the sustainability of any business that wishes to experience long-term financial success.

The abundance marketing concept is the very basis of the Energy Factor of your business growth and ultimately the longevity of it. So, let’s just break down EXACTLY what you’ll need to grow your business online and create a plan for getting clients.

  1. What’s the mission and vision of your business? – Many people think it’s a great idea to start a business but frankly have no idea what they’re doing or what it will take to succeed. They have no long-term vision or a mission/purpose which will keep the business alive and them out of stress, anxiety, frustration, and overwhelm. Having a vision and a mission is a critical component to creating the next step in your marketing.

  2. How confident are you in your marketing? – Entrepreneurship requires a mindset and energy of confidence and some might say, a “Badassery” sort of aura. This is what I coach my clients on. You’ll not stand out among the crowd in the online space if you’re not confident and able to do what it takes to be visible and CONSISTENT in your marketing. Your tribe wants to feel your energy and buy into your inspiration. They will give you their credit card number when you’ve been inspiring and provided enough value to help them out of a problem and into a solution.

  3. Are you just like everyone else in your industry? – The “cookie-cutter” entrepreneur was created out of the mindset, “if she’s doing it and she’s successful, I’ll copy what she’s doing”. Let me cut to the chase and tell you that it doesn’t work. You need to figure out what the gap is in your industry, fill it and stand out as someone who’s different.

  4. Are you constantly up-leveling your money mindset? – Here’s the thing, when you’ve got issues and baggage about the evils of money or the love/hate relationship with money, you simply won’t attract it. Sorry, it’s true. You need to fall in love with the spiritual exchange of money and value. People need to pay you for your services because they won’t get results or take care of what they bought unless they pay for it.

  5. Are you actively list-building? – Look, I know how easy it is to just hop on social media and start posting pictures and your heartfelt words but that’s not enough anymore. We MUST stay on top of the changes in social media but more importantly, you MUST look at building a list as critical money-making, daily activity. I had my Instagram account hacked and taken from me after building it to nearly 10K followers but fortunately, my main CTA (call to action) was to download my opt-in which build my email list to nearly 5K. While I was building my new IG account, I was selling privately in my newsletter and you can too when you create an opt-in that your tribe really wants.

  6. Are you truly aligned with the marketing method? – We’ve all got to bite off a bit of the elephant and chip away at the marketing tasks that are required in this digital world we live in. Sometimes this requires that we work on our mindset around getting on camera and sometimes this means we have to confidently ask someone to buy what we’re selling. What’s most important is that we love what we’re doing. Trust me when I say, if you’re not aligned with your marketing tasks, don’t do anything. Your energy WILL be perceived and unfortunately turn people off. Get into alignment with working through your objections in your marketing efforts and especially in your sales if you need to have sales conversations.

  7. Are you dreading your sales conversations? – If you need to rely on having conversations to get clients and grow your business, you’ll need to recognize if you have any mindset blocks around having the “money” conversation. Many of my clients feel salesy leading up to the sales call with their CTAs as well as dealing with objections. If your energy is off in this area, you’ll need to work through your mindset concerns to release the energy and transition into confidence in what you’re selling is of the highest value and worthy of payment.

  8. Do you see your worth? – When you’re actively shrinking and feeling “not enough” you’ll likely not realize the amount of success you desire. This is where you’ll need to learn about your strengths and weaknesses as well as being convicted about your value. This is one part claiming your worth and one part OWNING your worth which only comes from doing lots of mindset work. Your prospects won’t see your worth and your value if you don’t.

  9. Do you embody the Identity of a successful business owner? – This is a big question, one that you need, to be honest with yourself about. If you could wave a magic wand and see yourself in the most perfect life, what would it look like? As you’re envisioning this, ask yourself how far you are from that version. If you answered that you’re far away, then you have some work to do. It begins with seeing the distance and reality of who you are and then doing what you need to do to slowly move into that future version of your most successful self.

When you’re incorporating these nine Energy Factors, you’ll soon be able to use the abundance marketing concept which will in turn enable you to have a breakthrough to success.

Your business is not all about strategy activities. Yes, there are very basic tasks that you’ll need to plan every day but if you want to step into the “Badassery” of that future version of yourself, you’ll need to master all nine of the Energy Factors.

Now, it’s time to put everything into your aligned business and get the support and training that will help to catapult you beyond your competition. I created a 4-part mini-course for the Brainz Magazine readers, to do just that and it’s free for a limited time. When you’re ready to move beyond “stuck” and into the aligned, fulfilled business, click here to grab your free training.

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Sharon Lee, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Sharon Lee is a top international business coach, and high-performing life coach for entrepreneurs. Having spent many years in poverty and even homelessness, Sharon has uncovered powerful secrets to guide people out of a mediocre state of mind to help transform them into a high-performing mental state to create more success. Sharon has created systems and introduced strategies for underperforming entrepreneurs to unleash their potential. She founded Fearless Pursuits to help entrepreneurs upgrade their minds so they can unlock a life on fire. Her clients benefit from her many programs such as "The Daily Shift", and "Sales and Confidence Mastery" as well as her top-rated podcast, "Fearless Pursuits Podcast: Breakthrough To Success". Her mission is to help entrepreneurs create more potential and success through their minds and high-performing strategies.


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