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The 12 Daily Rituals For Success That Will Skyrocketed Your Achievement

Written by: Dan Lawson, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Dan Lawson

You've probably heard about the 'magic' of journaling. Maybe you're an ardent believer, ceaselessly looking for ways to level up your daily keys to success. Or perhaps, like my old self, you're unsure if spending precious moments of your bustling day scribbling thoughts holds any merit.

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Regardless of your position on this spectrum, this piece is tailored for you. It's a guide for those who desire to tap into the potent mix of intent and attention, to accelerate their voyage towards significant accomplishment and fulfilment!

Initially, journaling appeared to me like a child's recounting of their day at school: sweet, but arguably not of much value for an individual with pressing time constraints and lofty ambitions. However, my perspective dramatically changed when, through my professional coaching journey, I learned that success reflects not our goals, but our values, routines, habits, and rituals.

Identifying a handful of routines that were already yielding substantial outcomes in my life, I made a decision to regularise them. Within just six weeks, the impact was profound! Success permeated every aspect of my life – business, relationships, lifestyle, emotions, and my overall worldview.

With this, I integrated these routines into a structured journal format and shared it with my clients. The response was overwhelming, solidifying the scalability of this method! Without further delay, let's dive into the 12 daily rituals that could position you as a 'serial achiever' – however you interpret that in your life!

The 12 daily rituals for success

Define your daily focus

You've probably heard, "Where focus goes, energy flows." This age-old wisdom rings true because our mind works on what's present and evident, not what's missing. The uniqueness of being human is our consciousness, which arms us with intentionality and choice. So, begin your day by setting your focus and adjust if you deviate throughout the day.

Relish the awesomeness

The transformative influence of gratitude is well-supported by science. Daily gratitude can genuinely remodel our brain due to neuroplasticity, nurturing a happier, more positive, and efficient mindset. It shifts our focus to the treasures we have, rather than what's missing.

Pick your desired emotional state

All feelings and states of being are normal and healthy when experienced functionally. You may need to feel calm and relaxed if you've been exerting a lot. Conversely, adopting a determined certainty might be crucial when handling complex projects. Even sorrow or grief, when intentionally embraced at fitting times, can offer healing and liberation.

Detail your daily micro-goals

If you're like most of us, doing what you like is far easier than what you must. This approach allows you to remain safe while being occupied with tasks that aren't crucial. Identify what's next on your to-do list and commit to executing it. You'll adore the sense of achievement at day's end!

Cultivate your habits

If you tell me your goals, I understand your desires. But share your habits and routines, and you unveil your future. Consistent actions shape the person you need to be for success. Your habits and rituals sketch a precise portrait of your current self and future path.

Design your schedule for the day

Writing your to-do list offers twofold benefits: it keeps you accountable and generates a positive feedback loop as you cross off completed tasks. This feeling of progress ignites your motivation. Remember, it's not about finishing the list – if you do, fantastic! Celebrate and unwind. Often, the list grows throughout the day, which is beneficial as it provides more clarity for tomorrow's important tasks.

Allocate time for reflection

Looking back often yields invaluable lessons because you can only connect the dots retrospectively. Dedicate some time each day for introspection about your experiences, thoughts, and actions with kindness and acceptance. This practice reveals areas for growth and assists in future planning

Acknowledge yourself daily

Learning to generate potent self-recognition and practising it regularly is a critical step to boosting your momentum while also fostering a tangible sense of accomplishment and success. Grab a Parallaxx Progress Journal, which includes a bonus complimentary in-depth video tutorial to fast track your practice (valued at €97).

Record your daily victories

If you feel your day was ordinary, it's likely because you haven't learned to identify the victories. Spend a moment here and ruminate. If you completed all the morning tasks, you've likely prepared yourself to recognize what you consider a personal achievement. Do this daily, and within weeks, you'll be astounded by the incredible victories you're creating in your life.

Connect with yourself

Begin with "At this moment, I am…" and describe your feelings, emotions, or sensations. Accept and welcome them. The moment we connect with our inner world, we gain more control over our life experiences. It’s a remarkable practice for enhancing self-awareness.

Discover even more self-purpose

Consider what excites you about tomorrow. Give yourself a reason to feel thrilled and driven in life and your mission. Each day carries wonderful, joy-filled moments, yet they are often overlooked when we're not attentive to them. What are you anticipating? And how will you choose to experience it?

Boost your personal responsibility

After you have noted many significant moments of the day, you can identify what has gone well, what hasn't, and areas for change. Assign a personal rating from 1 – 10, with ten being optimal. But, you can't choose 7! Then, based on your reflections, think about what you'd like to bring more of tomorrow to further enhance your life experience.

There you have it – the 12 rituals that turned me into a 'serial achiever' within six weeks. These are the guiding principles behind the Parallaxx Progress Journal, consistently yielding remarkable results for all who've tried it!

If you're excited to witness these outcomes, you can begin immediately with any blank sheet or notebook.

However, for a more aesthetically pleasing, hardcover experience, grab the Parallaxx Progress Journal here for just €24.99. It includes free global shipping and additional content worth hundreds of euros as a celebration of your dedication to your future self!

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Dan Lawson Brainz Magazine

Dan Lawson, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

I deeply care about who you truly are. Who you are, deep within. The you that is craving to be seen, that has be lock away and protected from the world for so long. The you that is ready to express all of who you are.

Allowing the parts of you have a voice for them to be heard through my training in Meta Dynamics, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS) is a wonderful process in helping you to rediscover and reconnect with you again.

With this space that we create, I support you in using this version of self as a canvas to create the career, the business, the relationships, the family, the reality you deeply love and cherish.

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