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The #1 Leader Gamechanger Leading From A Place Of Possibility And Opportunity

Written by: Mariana Macias, Executive Contributor

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What if we were able to recognize and develop people from their future potential and not from their past experiences?

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It is well known that nowadays, it is quite a challenge to find top talent that suits and matches not only the company culture but the organization's pace and timing, as well as with location. After the lockdown and everyone now getting to see the possibility of working remotely, this has come to change all rules for recruiting and so retention. Like any other big change, this has brought pros and cons, and one of the biggest disadvantages is low engagement and high rotation. Even for the companies, it is more convenient hiring remote positions, which also opens the door for people to just swing from one job to another one, without even caring if they create long-lasting trustful relationships with the companies or neither about their professional growth. Truth to be told is that nowadays, people aren’t focusing on their future, and that is also a reflection of the leadership they are having.

The way we have been operating is by judging the talent of the person based on a paper, basically on a resume that anyone can modify or manipulate according to the job description. But, what about if we became more interested in the development part? I’m saying instead of keeping looking for talent outside and keep reading resumes what if we became more aware of the existing ones and start seeing them for what they can become after creating environments for them to thrive and keep performing? It is also a way of saying, let’s trust in our people's abilities before they even believe in themselves! Is like seeing the person before that person even realizes their true potential! Isn’t that beautiful? Just imagine, what could be possible with cultures operating like this? How would their people feel? How would engagement, commitment, and even motivation be increased on so many levels? But mostly in a sustainable and healthy way.

Every time we focus on the past-present of a person we are having a limited vision, is basically because of what you’d done and you are today is the place from where I’m taking the decision for your success plan or even considering a possible growth, but if as a leader I choose to rather focus on the future-present my vision will become unlimited. And then, I can lead you through unlimited possibilities and opportunities then, become infinite. Now, it is on the person to create opportunities within the company. Isn’t this empowering and motivating?

We should be able to shift this mindset to go up, as a leader and then as an employee committed to his/her growth and thriving within the company knowing that your possibilities and opportunities are unlimited! How exciting is that!

The reality is that we get managers in positions of top leadership and not real leaders. The real question as well to be answered would be, do I have the great talent on the right seat? Am I having the correct vision from future-present when I see my employee? Or am I limiting the person to their past-present stalling him from their true potential? If you were told that you have the opportunity as a leader to be a star maker, wouldn’t you take it?

Lastly, another good question to be made is, who is coaching your leaders? Easy peasy, I can help you with that. You can always schedule a call and I’ll be happy to set the following steps for creating this shifting culture within your organization. Here’s the link to my calendar. Cheers!

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Mariana Macias, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Mariana Macias is well known for being the coach of HIGH TOP PERFORMERS! She also coaches and trains mostly C suite leaders. She has been serving for more than 5 years +1000 international companies such as Salesforce, The North Face, and Colgate, for mentioning, as well as coaching firms, independent clients, & entrepreneurs. She has been committed to the coaching industry, serving as well by hosting retreats from coast to coast & from Mexico to the States. Her methodology is 100% pure coaching, KPI's, and powerful questions that come with powerful inner breakthroughs that bring her clients to take full commitment and massive action into their lives. She is also certified as a meditation guide. And she's a Book Author ‒ "Tengo Una Historia Que Contarte" Available now on Amazon.



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