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Simple Ways To Feel More Positive

Written by: Melissa Pas Blake, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

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Mental health involves cultivating positive emotions rather than just downplaying negative emotions. It's helpful to embrace positive emotions and put yourself in situations that are likely to bring more positive ones. Keep reading to help you find simple ways to feel more positive.

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Little mind hacks are helpful; saying these little things to yourself can change your whole perspective and your day. Try~ "Good things are coming my way," "things always work out for me," or "I am lucky." One of my favorites is "I get to do it." This is a much better mindset than "I have to do ."I get to go to the gym and drive my kids to school. I get to make dinner and go to the office today. Bring in positive vibes and shift the mindset to positive. Noticingsimple joys and reveling in others' successes can also increase positivity. People often think of mental health as minimizing negative emotions, like reducing anxiety, anger, loneliness, and sadness. However, your skills for cultivating positive emotions can matter just as much regarding your overall happiness.

Here is an abundance of simple tools to help you feel more positive

If you master these skills to make them habits, they'll go a long way to helping you feel happier overall. Notice and appreciate simple joys. There's comfort and delight all around us, but some people are better at noticing it than others. Do you pay attention to your child's smile? Do you see other people excelling in their roles, like the barista who makes your cappuccino so pretty? Do you notice the cozy feeling when you get into bed at night? Do you appreciate other people's creativity? Appreciate what you get to experience. Be thankful for what you do have, not for what you don't have. I have a small house. When everyone is home or I have company, I say, "love grows better in small places."

Put yourself in situations that lead you to feel positive emotions

Do you put yourself in situations likely to bring about positive emotions? Do you take long walks on a beautiful day? Do you turn off the news and listen to music? Do you make plans with your favorite people? Are you spontaneous? Target the full spectrum of positive emotions. We talk about mental health, and we focus our attention on feeling calm. In reality, there are many positive emotions beyond relaxation and the absence of stress. To be happy, you'll want to experience positive emotions like joy, surprise, excitement, delight, calm, satisfaction, amazement, love, connection, curiosity, pride, awe, and energy. Being content is positive as well. Pay attention to the little happy moments and try not to sweat the small stuff.

Gain insight and enjoy others' successes

How do you feel seeing other people succeed and enjoy their lives? Do you feel envious, or do you feel joy and excitement on their behalf?

Suppose you only rely on your own experiences to provide positive emotions. In that case, that's limiting compared to other people's experiences, are also a source of positive emotions for you.

Elicit positive emotions in others

How good are you at making other people smile, laugh or beam with pride. Do you make people feel loved, relaxed, joyful, or excited? Emotions can be socially contagious. Engage with happy people and positive people. Limit your time being around unhappy, irritated, negative people.

It feels great to bring out positive emotions in others. It allows you to enjoy those emotions too. Be generous with your compliments. If you think something is nice about someone, tell them. Give someone the praise they didn't know they were craving. There are hundreds of ways to compliment someone that is not about their looks. "You always go above and beyond." You always make me laugh and smile." "Your hard work has paid off." You are so creative" See how it boosts them.

We can't always control negative triggers, yet we can control what positive emotions we put effort into experiencing. Practice these simple skills, and watch them become a positive habit, and then it becomes who you are. Allow yourself to be the best, happiest version of yourself.

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Melissa Pas Blake, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Melissa Pas Blake is a Changemaker, healer and a mindset coach helping people to make positive and powerful life changes fast, so they can reach their goals to be their best selves. Melissa brings positive energy,comfort and healing to all aspects of a client's life. Her goal is to help people live to their potential, teach them the power of the mind and support them to cultivate a healthier relationship with themselves. Melissa holds in her heart it is never too late to make a positive change and if you get help you get respect.



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