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Self-Care Rituals – The Why’s & How To’s!

Written by: Kim Conway, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


What is Self-care? Why is this important?

Self-care is anything you do intentionally to benefit your physical, emotional, or mental well being. This differs from routine care such as bathing or brushing your teeth, etc. Self-care can look different for each of us. Our self-care is typically the first thing we abandon when we are busy and stressed!

Self-care is important because it allows you to be nurtured, so you can feel refreshed, and keep going. It helps to bring out the best version of you, your overall well-being, and then the well-being of others as you interact with them. It is important to learn what type of care helps you the most to feel happy, refreshed, and ready for whatever is placed in your path.

Self care,

To abandon it

Is so unfair.

For when your life

Is filled with stress and strife

You need to feel loved

And be reminded

You are so much more

Than you could ever hope for….

Physical Self-care:

What type of exercise & healthy foods do you fit into your days?

This is anything that benefits your body and physical well-being. Eating nutritious food, exercising, and breathing fresh air all help our bodies reach their optimum health. It is important to listen to what your body needs and then honor it.

Taking care of your body will help your overall emotional and mental health too! It can even boost one’s confidence! Exercise releases endorphins which are hormones that make us feel uplifted. It can also help you feel motivated, have energy, and to improve how you view yourself.

Self-care for your Mental Health:

Do you have an overactive mind distracting you and causing your emotions to be stirred up?

Mental health is our psychological and emotional well-being. When you feel good in this way, your life feels more fulfilling, and your mood is upbeat and calm and to remain so even when facing stressors. How we think and feel controls our actions.

How do you know you need some self-care for your mental well being? You must first recognize that you need self-care in order to begin to implement it. Are you feeling frazzled, overworked, stressed, emotionally drained, tired, or having trouble focusing? These are all indicators that you need some time to take care of yourself!

Acknowledging you need some self-care is the first step toward valuing yourself. Some great practices for our minds and moods are journaling, meditation, walking, talking to others and reaching out to a professional for support.

Self-care for your emotions:

Do you ever feel your emotions are all over the place or that you are feeling extra sensitive?

If so, these are great indicators that you can benefit from some self care for your emotions. It will help stabilize your emotions and help you feel more able to manage whatever your day throws at you.

Doing something relaxing is helpful for your emotions. Reading, watching an uplifting movie, taking a bath or walking can all help you feel better. Sometimes being alone can help if you are feeling sensitive, while at other times, being with people who uplift you and make you laugh is what you need.

...When you give yourself

The kindness you need,

Your soul rises within

To whisper in your ear:

“Ask for what you need

I AM always here.”

Tips: Too busy to care for yourself?

Enjoy 3 easy 1 minute self care rituals:

  • Step outside and take 3 deep breaths. As you breathe in, imagine you are breathing in the universal life force and that it is moving throughout your body. As you breathe out, release anything not serving you well. Enjoy the relaxation of your body and how your mood uplifts during that moment. Take that with you as you return to your day!

  • Prepare yourself a cup of hot water with fresh lemon. As you sip the water, mindfully pay attention as it travels down to your stomach. Imagine the lemon cleansing you as it travels and moves throughout your body. Feel it washing away any stressors or frustrations from your day. Return to your day feeling refreshed and ready for what is to come!

  • This is a great ritual to do outside! Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Focus on only what you are hearing. Mindfully experience that sense for the minute. If you are outside, listen to the sounds of the wind, birds, cars, etc. Return to your day feeling refreshed!

If you would like to try guided meditation, try my meditation album, Soul Journeys, on Spotify, iTunes and YouTubeMusic.

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Kim Conway, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Kim Conway, LICSW, Coach, Medium, Reiki Master. Kim believes we all have the capacity to overcome our struggles and that our souls are the most powerful healers and our greatest guide. Her approach is spiritual, helping clients develop a relationship with their souls, which supports us in every aspect of our lives and helps us heal, evolve, and grow. She incorporates intuitive work, energy healing, and education in her soul coaching program to help you discover and know your soul for personal development, guidance, and healing. Kim is a LICSW, developed spiritual medium, and Reiki Master Teacher who offers soul coaching, mediumship, intuitive and Oracle card readings, meditations, energy healing, and spiritual and intuitive development classes. You can listen to her Podcast, Soul Inspirations, meditation album, Soul Journeys for inspiration and healing. Kim is the Entrepreneuress of Kim Conway, LLC.



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