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Scaling Your Business And Your Impact With Exceptional Offers

Written by: Nida Leardprasopsuk, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Having the opportunity to work with businesses of all sizes, from small to large to Fortune 500 companies, I discovered that despite knowing how important offers are, many entrepreneurs struggled with finding the right offer to offer in their businesses. It also happened to be my biggest frustration as a consumer in this market. I have hired and paid a lot of money to hire experts, including copywriters, coaches, digital marketing agencies, branding experts that weren’t capable of providing quality work for their clients and therefore not giving the clients the results that were promised.

The factor that sets extraordinary businesses apart from the average ones is they have an exceptional offer that solves their clients' and customers' problems better than anyone else in the industry. The offer is the solution, and it is the sole purpose of why your business exists in the first place.

When we look at companies like Tesla, Apple, and Amazon, what makes them exceptional is their innovation and their ability to think ahead of the game. Predict your clients’ problems and solve it for them before they are even aware it’s a problem. Wow, your clients, that’s how you build an exceptional business.

Now we know that common sense is not always common practice, and oftentimes entrepreneurs get lost by focusing on other things like the latest social media platform or finding ways to improve ads or closing more sales. They forget to think about the most important and most fundamental thing, which is their offer.

When we studied Marketing 101, we all learned about the USP, the unique selling proposition. But when we actually got into the business, we got lost in the numbers game, thinking that more sales are good. More sales are not always good, especially if you aren’t delivering a high-quality service and your profitability is low. I worked with many clients on revising their offers and crafting an offer that was unique, powerful, innovative, and brought high profitability for their businesses.

That’s how I developed my methodology for creating an exceptional offer. The mission behind it was to help businesses challenge the industry norms where clients had no choice but to accept sub-par results from the services and expertise that were provided. I wanted to help businesses raise the bar in their industries and fully deliver to their clients.

Most expert-based businesses and service providers aren’t aware that their offer is hindering their growth, and they often don’t have the resources to create an outstanding offer. Those resources include the ability to understand the psychology of their clients and the hidden problems and challenges that they themselves probably aren’t aware of. Before we develop a solution or any client in any industry, the most important thing to do is to empathize and truly understand the client. What are their perceived problems? These are called symptoms. It’s what they think their problems are. But the truth is there is a deeper layer of problem that needs to be solved. We need people skilled in research, psychology, and consumer behavior to dig for these insights.

Secondly, there is a specific process for innovating your offers. You need to be a good problem solver, be creative, and be able to think of solutions other people can’t.

Thirdly, when businesses put in the effort to get feedback from clients, they don’t do it correctly, and a lot of the time, clients won’t tell you the whole truth. I know this because we’ve completed a lot of research and client interviews for our clients, and I can tell you most of the time, clients are only telling you half of what they really think.

What does Genius Offers™ look like?

1. Solves seen and unseen problems.

Oftentimes we as the experts think we know what our client’s problems are. But most of the time, we only know part of the problem. A lot of the time, the clients themselves don’t even know their real problems. Sometimes they see the symptoms that are caused from their real problems. Genius Offers™ solve both the client’s seen and unseen problems, helping clients fully achieve what they set out to achieve working with you.

2. Delivers incomparable results.

An exceptional offer offers results for clients that they could not have found anywhere. You offer a one-of-a-kind solution that is truly irreplaceable. If you are a career coach, for example, and every other career coach is offering coaching sessions and resume writing for their clients. How do you go above and beyond to offer them a 7-star service to help them achieve their goals? What else could they possibly need or want to achieve their goals faster and easier? That’s what you want to start thinking about if you want to start innovating your offer.

3. Ultimate customer experience.

Do clients feel like they matter the most to you? Do they feel valued and respected while working with you, or do they feel frustrated, misunderstood, and feel like you and your team don’t really care about them? Genius Offers™ takes their clients on a journey that leaves them feeling amazed and asking, “Why didn’t I meet you sooner?”

When you don’t create the ultimate customer experience, you are harming your business. If clients had an average experience, they are more likely to remember the negative parts of the experience they had with you.

Negative feelings are far more powerful than positive ones, and they certainly provoke feelings with long-lasting effects. Clients that experience a positive experience with you might not tell others about their experience working with you, but clients that had a less than good experience will go on to tell an average of 9-15 people about their experience (White House Office of Consumer Affairs).

4. Employees.

The key factor to creating the ultimate experience for your clients is your employees. They are the main point of contact that clients engage with the most. In most cases, it includes the team providing the core services to your clients, e.g., coaching or consulting. And even if they aren’t responsible for providing the core services, they still play a major role in how your clients feel about your business. In order to deliver a high-touch, high-quality service for your clients, recruiting and maintaining top talent and highly self-aware individuals is vital.

You could have invested millions into building your brand and have it destroyed by a single employee who wasn’t doing the best job they should have been doing. Maybe it was because an employee cared more about making more sales rather than serving the client. This highly depends on the organizational culture and company goals. As business owners, if you view sales as more important than the quality of work, your team will do everything to drive more sales rather than focus on quality, and that will be destructive for your business in the long term.

Instead of doing everything to drive more sales, build a culture of excellence. Because in the long-term, that is exactly what will get you more sales and allow you to make more impact. Recruit and maintain top talent employees that are also amazing human beings.

Also, make sure your employees are engaged and passionate with their work because an unhappy employee equals unhappy clients. When employees are unhappy, it will definitely affect your clients.

5. Speed.

The longer your clients’ problems continue, the more pain and the more opportunity cost occurs. You want to minimize your clients' pain by delivering the best solution in the fastest and simplest way possible. Time is the most valuable resource we have. Delivering the solution to your clients in the fastest way possible is a win-win for everyone.

6. Utilizes genius.

When we get to do what we are great at, we feel fulfilled and alive. Work becomes more like a hobby you enjoy rather than a task you have to complete. Your offer has to utilize your genius and your team’s geniuses. This gives you the opportunity to show the world something that only you can provide, only you can do better than anyone else.

7. Brings joy.

There’s no use if what you offer to your clients doesn’t bring joy to you and your team. When your work and what you do makes you happy, it means you are providing your best work, and you are genuinely passionate about what you do.

Now start getting on this checklist and evaluate your offers from an objective point of view. Start gathering data and insights from all your stakeholders and start brainstorming for creative and innovative ideas that will wow your clients! Send me a message if you have any questions.

If you’d like to find out about your entrepreneurial edge and what sets you up for success, I’ve created a quiz for purpose-driven coaches, consultants, and experts that are ready to build a legacy business and take their income to new heights. You can complete the quiz here and get your own blueprint for success!

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Nida Leardprasopsuk, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Nida is a top-tier business consultant, mindset coach, and former Fortune 500 executive with more than two decades of experience in marketing, business, and human psychology. Her consulting and coaching business centers around exceptionality, a key factor in her own success. She helps high achieving and purpose driven coaches, consultants, experts, thought leaders, and service-providers become a category of one by: 1.) Discovering and utilizing their ultra-geniuses 2.) Creating groundbreaking offers that solve clients’ problems in an innovative way and 3.) Using a short and long-term marketing strategy that magnifies their thought leadership overtime.

She is the author of the One to Millions Entrepreneur and host of the One to Millions Entrepreneur Podcast show. She also has a master’s and bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing and is currently completing her research for a Ph.D. in Social Psychology.

With her proprietary system, the Genius Offers™, Nida helps entrepreneurs discover the X-factor that sets their business apart from the rest. She helps her clients uncover their clients’ hidden problems and creatively and strategically works with them to find better solutions.

Having an exceptional offer is foundational to the success and growth of your business. It’s what elevates companies like Apple, Google, Netflix, and Amazon above their competition. Nida knows you can’t just do what everyone else is doing and expect spectacular results. She believes in unique, meaningful innovations as a way to stay ahead of the curve and become a top player and leader in the industry. With the right offer, you can turn your genius into a truly exceptional business that delivers incomparable results and makes a lasting impact.

Nida offers 1:1 consulting and coaching services that help entrepreneurs build a world-class legacy brand and hyper-grow their businesses through innovation and out-of-the-box thinking.



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