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Romance Made Easy – Practice Mindfulness Around This For Relationship Satisfaction

Tish Saint Mary is a Pharmacist l Relationship Alchemist that work exclusively with Men. She is the owner and CEO of Men's Relationships and Health LLC.

Executive Contributor Tish Saint Mary

The divorce rate remains persistently high, and even couples who stay together often report relationship dissatisfaction. Could there be a straightforward solution? What if the answer lies in honoring the fundamental differences between men and women? By understanding and providing the distinct needs of respect and physical intimacy (for men) and emotional/psychological safety (for women), we may see a positive shift in relationship health and longevity.

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Understanding the fundamentals: What do men and women need to thrive?

The adage from the popular book "Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus" speaks a simple truth, men and women have different core needs within relationships.


  • Men: At their core, men crave respect. Respect translates to feeling valued, trusted, and appreciated for who they are and what they provide.

  • Women: Women primarily need emotional and psychological safety. This involves feeling secure, understood, and free to express emotions both positive and negative.


The relationship disconnect: When needs go unmet

Failing to acknowledge and honor these needs creates friction in relationships. Here's where things often break down:


  • Women unintentionally disrespect men: In an attempt to create closeness, women might try to mold their partners into emotional confidantes. This can undermine a man's sense of respect, leading to withdrawal and defensiveness.

  • Men unknowingly jeopardize a woman's safety: While well-intentioned, some men try to fix or solve their partner's problems. This can shut down emotional expression in women, diminishing their sense of safety.


Statistics that tell a story

The impact of this disconnect is clear:


  • In the US, the divorce rate hovers around 50%.

  • Even within intact marriages, research suggests significant dissatisfaction for both partners.

Honoring differences: The path to greater relationship harmony

The solution begins with mindfulness of our inherent differences. Here's how to put it into practice:


  • Women: Focus on respect and physical intimacy. Shift from "fixing" or trying to emotionally connect on your terms. Convey trust, gratitude, and admiration for who he is and what he does.

  • Men: Prioritize emotional safety Practice active listening, validation, and create space for your partner to express her full range of emotions without judgment or the need to "solve" anything.

Building a relationship legacy

Embracing these differences requires effort but creates tremendous rewards. When men feel respected and women feel safe, the foundation solidifies. This fosters deeper intimacy, open communication, and the ability to weather life's inevitable challenges together.


Take the first step towards a more fulfilling love life. Share this article and start a conversation with your partner about each other's core needs. Let's create a movement towards healthier, happier, and more lasting relationships! To bring fun and clarity back to your romantic relationship, connected with me here.

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Tish Saint Mary, Pharmacist l Men's Coach

Tish Saint Mary is a Pharmacist l Relationship Alchemist that works exclusively with Men. Tish Relationship Alchemy specializes in MMGA Make Marriages Great Again! She uses her Pharmacist expertise in mental health therapeutics, life experiences, neuroscience and compassionate wisdom as the foundation of her coaching alchemy. She is the owner and CEO of Men's Relationships and Health LLC. She is passionate about love and excited to serve to clients well!






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