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Releasing 5 Types Of Clutter For A More Peaceful Life

Written by: Joel Haasenritter, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


When it comes to living a clutter-free life, many think about all the physical things that can trip you up in the middle of the night like the teddy bears, fire trucks, and play toys. Or perhaps it’s a kitchen sink full of dishes that crowd a cooking space at dinner time.

The truth is that clutter comes in many shapes and sizes and in different areas of your life, such as emotional clutter or time clutter. Technology clutter alone can seize any and all available time just ciphering through what is relevant or junk email.

Let’s consider five types of clutter to release so you can make space for your family, your passions, and the peaceful life you want to live.

1. Physical Clutter

There are many types of physical clutter that when purged can create a space of clarity in your life. For example, coming home to a clean and clutter-free home or working in an environment where you don’t have to look for that missing document needed for a past-due deadline.

While tackling everything at once can be overwhelming, there is a simple place to start that can help bring extra peace to your day: Your vehicle.

Have you ever heard the old saying, “a clean car runs better”? Obviously, clearing out the fast food bags from a week ago and running the vacuum on the carpet won’t actually give you extra gas mileage. But taking a few minutes to clear out the trash, receipts, and school papers from under the seats, and the half-used water bottle that keeps rolling around when you make a turn can go a long way to support a more peaceful commute.

Now that you have a quick win under your belt, tackle the next quick win. Perhaps it’s addressing the dresser drawer that is overflowing and won’t fully close, the cluttered top of your living room coffee table, or the shoe shelf by the front door. Little wins, done consistently over time, will feel like meaningful progress in the long run and help create a more peaceful environment today.

2. Emotional Clutter

Worse than any physical clutter is the invisible clutter we might be carrying – emotional clutter from toxic friendships, past relationships, or an injured family past. Here’s the reality: when it comes to toxic relationships, sometimes we need to evaluate our close circle of friends.

If there is a relationship that continually brings stress to your life, it might be time to block, unfollow, or delete. Doing so will make space for healthy relationships that support your dreams and encourage you along your journey.

3. Time Clutter

It’s no secret that we can get stuck with commitments that take up our valuable time for no other reason than we said yes when we shouldn’t have and perpetuated a responsibility we don’t have the energy for.

I encourage you to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Your time is your life! Make sure that what you’ve committed to brings joy to your day.

4. Technology Clutter

These days, technology takes up more time in our lives than practically anything else. The average person touches their cell phone 2,617 times per day! Add to that the time spent on a laptop, checking and sending emails, and simply keeping up-to-date on current events. It’s no wonder technology clutter can consume the majority of our day.

Try this instead: the next time you get an email from a mailing list you’re never going to read, click unsubscribe. Set a timer for your social media time to avoid getting lost in endless scrolling. And make your email time intentional and undistracted. You might be surprised at how much more productive you can be!

5. Unfinished Clutter

How many projects are half-finished, books started, but not completed, or home improvement projects needing a final coat of paint? Or how about that course, degree, or education you once had your sights set on, but never managed to wrap up?

Living an intentional life means prioritizing what matters most. Instead of avoiding those unfinished projects, first, evaluate if they are still a priority for you. If not, close the books on that project for good.

Then plan a family day to organize the garage, take a few minutes to read another chapter of the book you want to finish or decide to finally dive into that course you’ve been putting off. There is total satisfaction in checking the box on another completed project.

Here’s Your Challenge:

Set an intention to remove the clutter from one space. Not the space that will take weeks to clear. But rather, pick the area that will take the least amount of time and give you the quickest win.

If there is a box you haven’t opened in the past year or two, take ten minutes to open and evaluate. If you haven’t needed the contents for an entire year, is it likely that you will need them a year from now?

Or pick one section of your closet that you rarely pull from and see if there is anything you no longer use or doesn’t fit. Consider donating, selling, recycling, or throwing away everything that doesn’t add value to your life. Then choose to only keep what actually brings you joy, will serve you in the next year or so, or has deep sentimental value.

Would you like a cheat sheet checklist for decluttering your life? Download your free copy here!

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Joel Haasenritter, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Joel Haasenritter is a transformation specialist who helps people in their 30s and 40s, struggling in times of transition, to find balance, growth, and purpose, so they can absolutely crush the next chapter of their lives! After nearly 20 years of owning a highly sought-after company serving high-profile clients across the southeast, starting and growing multiple businesses, and coaching a development team to bring their invention to market, Joel turned his life's passion toward helping others live at their highest potential. In addition to his one-on-one coaching services, he is a founding Ambassador with Oola Global, which recently launched a revolutionary personal development digital platform in over 40 countries with the sole mission of impacting one billion lives in the next seven years. His interests include exploring the hiking trails of Arizona, studying the art of Gracie Jiujitsu, and spending time with his family.



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