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Redefining What’s Possible For Entrepreneurs – The Importance Of Being Fully Expressed

Written by: Tricia Brouk, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Tricia Brouk Brainz Magazine

Being able to support speakers in using their voices for impact is a privilege and I had the pleasure of sitting down with Alex Pursglove to talk about how mindset is key in being a fully expressed voice in business. 

photo of Alex Pursglove 

Alex, how would you define mindset and how does it relate to being fully expressed?

I like to think of mindset as the lens through which you see the world. It is your way of thinking and making decisions, your perspective, your attitude. 

Your mindset and how you show up, i.e., how you express yourself, has the greatest impact on not only your results, but also how you experience those results. There are plenty of people with “successful results" on the outside, according to society’s standards, but they are still not feeling really good about their lives on a regular basis.

Shifting your inner world experience, including your mindset, is what creates quantum leaps forward. This is why, above all else, it is my greatest desire for my clients to become fully expressed. 

In summary, becoming fully expressed means that you are deeply connected to all aspects of your authentic self your spirituality, sexuality, and creativity and you live your life in alignment with who you really are. With your purpose, your passions, your gifts, your voice, your truth. It means living from your heart over your head. 

Fully expressed humans live in radical trust, full self-acceptance, and powerful creativity. They bring their true desires to life.

Your mindset is a core component of being fully expressed. When you are connected to your authentic expression, you know what thoughts and beliefs are true for you, as compared to those that were passed down to you from other people. You are clear and convicted in your own beliefs and desires, outside of what any other person thinks about them. The beliefs you choose to adopt inform your mindset.

If you believe that when you have a desire, it is here and available for you, you will replace seeing problems with discovering opportunities all around you. When you believe that when you follow your desires, it is in highest service to everyone around you, you’ll begin to value yourself on a deeper level. 

Your ability to move past your challenges and to feel the exciting possibilities that are available ultimately comes down to how much you value yourself, your desires, and your full expression. 

How is intuition and inner guidance related to being fully expressed?

Being fully expressed means you are tapped into your true self. This requires learning how to let go of what anyone else thinks of you and to operate outside of the worldview with which you were raised at least the aspects that do not serve you. Then, you can access your inner guidance.

You are always connected to your inner guidance, or as I like to call it, your divine intuition. This is the inner voice that has put fear to the side and always knows exactly what you need. The voice that is always guiding you toward more expansion, solutions, and creativity. 

It is the inner knowing that who you are today is beautiful, valuable, worthy, good enough, and filled with limitless potential.

Your connection to divine guidance is incredibly powerful. In fact, it is your greatest asset. (Your time is a close second). Now, I want to stress this as well, because being connected to your full expression and intuition does not mean dismissing your feelings by trying to live in the land of rainbows and sunshine all the time. All of us are human beings and we have every right to feel and honor all of our emotions and our fears. Instead, honoring your humanity means being willing to sit with whatever is present within you at all times and fully accept yourself as you are today. 

Full expression incorporates all aspects of yourself your humanity and your divine intuition. When practicing full expression, all of you are welcome here. 

Why is having a fully expressed voice important in business?

Becoming fully expressed separates you from the herd and distinguishes you. It is what catapults you into becoming the go-to expert in your industry. It creates magnetic energy that repels people who are not for you and draws your ideal clients to you. It creates a business that makes you come alive.

I know many entrepreneurs who have created success in business without being fully expressed. You can get clients, make a lot of money, and establish notoriety while you are still stifling yourself.

But without a fully expressed voice, you will be one of many. A fully expressed voice puts you into a category of one. 

The majority of entrepreneurs who are not fully expressed are also stuck in continuous grinding, comparison, and “it’s still not good enough” mentality. This shows up with thoughts like, “Once I finally reach this new outcome, then I can relax more and be happier.” 

If you are in this cycle of grinding and striving to achieve the next level, you are not going to experience the intense joy, passion, and ecstatic pleasure in your day-to-day life that full expression brings you. This kind of pleasure lives in the moment, in the now.

Your accomplishments will never feel like they are “good enough yet”, they will never bring you the ecstatic feeling of being so totally and completely alive, unless you are owning your value from the inside out and aligning your life to your most authentic self-expression.

Walking the path of full expression is not about grinding it out until you hit the next goal. 

It is about living a life that lights you up inside. A life that you are excited and grateful to wake up to each morning, because you feel really good about who you are now while being excited to create more.

How do you apply this philosophy when you support your clients?

I teach every single one of my clients that elevating your results in business from a place of joy and fulfillment along the way is influenced most by who you are being on the inside. 

How you show up to do anything is how you do everything, so this includes exploring not just your business, but also your mindset, spiritual practices, relationships, your health and wellness. In my programs, we focus 25% of the energy on enhancing your business strategies and what you are doing. Then about 75% of our work revolves around who you are being, both in and out of the office.

This dual process includes exploring your overall business model, your offers, pricing, clients, sales, marketing, team and support systems. What is in and out of alignment with your full self-expression? Are all of your clients ideal? Do you feel amazing about your pricing? Are you creating offers that are fun and excite you, that you can’t wait to talk about vs. trying to get it right? 

Are you speaking the message that is in your heart? Is your structure and team supporting you in operating at your highest level? What is on your plate that is heavy or draining you? Where are you spending your time and your money?

Then, we go deeper into the internal blocks that stifle living fully expressed and manifesting your true desires. What still feels limited? What are the blindspots that are keeping you where you are? We explore patterns of falling into lack mentality, being hard on yourself, imposter syndrome that can creep up and create second-guessing or comparison. We dig for those little nuances of people-pleasing where you are still pushing down what you actually really want, think, or feel for concern of how someone else might react. Where are the places that you are not letting yourself fully receive and feel amazing about it? What are you still resisting? What do you want to create from your heart?

When clients are willing to put everything on the table and explore what’s going on deep under the surface, this is where we discover life transformation. The increase in business growth has become an after-thought for many of my clients. This is what I love about what I do. 

Full expression is about so much more than making more money or achieving new results. It’s about changing your life and enhancing your ability to serve in the most profound ways possible.

What happens when you are fully expressed as an entrepreneur?

You become alive. You start living in your “enoughness” every day.

With full expression, you bring greater alignment to your vision, elevate your role, and allow yourself to be more supported so that you can focus more energy on your zone of genius. 

You remove second-guessing and those pesky little doubts that like to show up to make you question where you are or tell you that you didn’t do well enough yet.

You create and execute in your business with more joy, fun, passion, and playfulness. You’ll evolve and expand programs/services and bring in more amazing clients that set your soul on fire. 

With a fully expressed voice, you are not afraid to speak your truth and to stand for what you believe in, which ignites magnetic messaging that draws in your most ideal clients into your world. It will repel the people that are not for you, which is exactly what you want. To be a radiant light for the people who want what you have to give, which requires no convincing. Only illuminating opportunities for how you can help them. This brings peace, clarity, and acceleration to your sales. 

When you’re fully expressed, you’re deeply connected to trust in yourself and in the unknown, which means you can step into relying on the abundance of opportunity that is already here and available to you, replacing stress about money with generosity. 

You spend more time in stillness, spaciousness, and presence. You’ll trade striving and grinding for creating and receiving. 

You are connected to your body and your sensual energy, allowing yourself to access your desires, your passions, your fire. You allow yourself to feel really good about receiving. 

 A fully expressed entrepreneur lives with a powerful knowing inside that you are exactly where you are meant to be. You know that you are connected to divine, unconditional love and guidance that always has your back.

And because you give full acceptance and unconditional love to yourself, you can give love and service to those around you from a place of overflow. It deepens intimacy and connection in relationships family, spouse, kids, friendships and clients.

When you are standing in your full expression, you are able to serve at the highest level. Your greatest power lies in your full expression. 

How do you live fully expressed Alex? 

Becoming fully expressed is not a destination at which you finally arrive on the journey. My full expression is always growing, because I am always evolving. There is something deeper to uncover and something new to learn all the time.

I became fully expressed when I finally let go of the belief that I have to earn my “enoughness” by proving myself with accomplishments. When I embraced my deepest truth and desires, I released the need to achieve and instead, became truly excited about the process of creating. About the process of manifesting what I deeply desire to experience and produce in this life.

I found my voice and reconnected to the woman that I really am a woman with infinite creativity inside of her and who lives in divine love. I am a woman who has every right to feel and honor all of my emotions and fears. And I am a divine being, because I am connected to God and thus, I have every answer that I’ll ever need within me. I am imperfectly perfect. I know exactly who I am and I trust my desires. I trust my ability to serve. 

Now that I know this in my heart and not just my head… 

I prioritize what lights me up inside, I am not afraid to speak my truth, I make space to feel all of my emotions (the happy ones and the sad or angry emotions, all of them), and I make decisions from a place of knowing that who I am today is capable and always good enough.

This way of being led to finally breaking through the resistance that was still showing up deep inside so that I could embrace opportunities that are so exciting to me. I’m speaking on big stages, rapidly increasing my visibility, and I have let go of offers and any clients that were not aligned with me. I have never felt more excited about my programs and current clients. I’ve also called in communities and collaborations with amazing women that uplift me and the value I offer. 

My intimacy with my family is deepening in ways I never imagined possible. I thought my husband Adam and I were best friends years ago. Today, I have never been closer to another human being in the world than I am to Adam. I’ve shifted generational family patterns and am accepting my daughter Stella for exactly who she is, which feels amazing to connect with her on that level.

Most importantly, I feel so good about who I am today. I’m trusting in my highest self, in abundance and in letting my heart lead the way. I don’t just know I am a thought leader in my head, I am embodying this in my heart. 

And I have never felt more alive. 

Alex Pursglove guides women in becoming fully expressed and breaking through limitations to elevate business growth, while living with more ecstasy in daily life. As a master coach, Alex has helped thousands of women across the world with accelerating in business, and more importantly, learning how to accept and love their most authentic selves. She is a speaker and contributor to Authority Magazine, the host of the Igniting Ecstasy in Business podcast, and she has been featured on the SPEAK stage in New York as well as in Brainz Media and Swaay. She lives in Austin with her beloved husband, Adam, and their daughter, Stella Love.

For more info, follow me on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and visit my website!

Tricia Brouk Brainz Magazine

Tricia Brouk, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Tricia Brouk helps high-performing professionals transform into industry thought leaders through the power of authentic storytelling. With her experience as an award-winning director, producer, sought after speaker, and mentor to countless thought-leaders, Tricia has put thousands of speakers onto big stages globally. She produced TEDxLincolnSquare in New York City and is the founder of The Big Talk Academy. Tricia’s book, The Influential Voice: Saying What You Mean for Lasting Legacy, was a 1 New Release on Amazon in December 2020. Big Stages, the documentary featuring her work with speakers premiered at the Chelsea Film Festival in October of 2023 and her most recent love is the new publishing house she founded, The Big Talk Press.



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