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Priority Pass

Written by: Veronica Sanchez De Darivas, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Hurry! Hurry Hurry! This is a word put into action many times over during our day-to-day lives. We live in a hurry, running late for that appointment, leaving important errands to the last minute, filling our time with countless activities, or doing too many things at once.

businessman in a hurry inside the building

Life is beautiful, and we don’t pause to really appreciate it. When was the last time you sat in quietness and felt the happiness of doing absolutely nothing?

Over the years, I have come to realise that in many cases we don’t know how to prioritise, we don’t know what is first and what follows, we only do and then life becomes automated.

A few months ago, I attended a wonderful course about the science of the heart. During the presentation, attendees were required to identify 7 core values, but to do this, we were presented with more than 80 cards, each with a value written on it. Well, imagine how hard it was to come down to only 7 values and we allowed a limited time to do this without overthinking.

This simple yet profound exercise led me to understand even more the ability to know how to prioritise and reflect on what is really vital in our hectic lives.

I will share here my seven core values only as a hint of what you might want to think and reflect upon on your own life priorities.

1. Spirituality. It is especially important for me to be connected with the Source of all creation because our origin is the same, we are energy beings in the first place and oneness comes from our connection with our inner self. Nothing is possible without this awareness, we ARE because Source acts in us.

2. Family. Love and being loved by those closest to me is essential. Appreciation of every moment we spend with our family, and I include not only our partners and kids but the extended family too, is part of our self-care and inner expansion. The family is our first learning field when we come to the world and is the experience that will be with us for the rest of our lives.

3. World Peace. To be able to express our full potential as human beings, we must have the external conditions to do so. However, peace starts with us, we have to become beings of peace and manifest peace in our lives to be able to influence our immediate environment. Being peaceful is not a choice, it is a responsibility, let's assume it.

4. Tolerance. Respect and accept people who think differently and who are different is a fundamental value for me. Mutual understanding is always possible, we just need to try without judging. Love is for everyone.

5. Independence. To be independent is not to be alone, it is to have freedom of thinking, feeling, and acting and exercise this freedom without fear.

6. Purpose. To know why we are here, what we have to do and how are probably the most relevant questions we ask ourselves. Sometimes is not easy to find these answers, but in order to live a fulfilling life, we must find a meaning to it.

7. Humour. Having the ability to laugh and find the funny side of life is rewarding and heartwarming. Life nowadays is a serious affair, then laughing and smiling becomes part of our collective mental health and wellbeing.

These seven values are all intertwined for me, they form a net that sustains me and my world. What are your values? I invite you to sit down, take pen and paper and write as many values as you can think of, those that are key to you. Once you have a good list of values, let's say at least 25, try to prioritise and reduce the list to 7 values. You might be surprised and come up with values you didn’t know were important to you.

To prioritise is “to decide which of a group of things are the most important so that you can deal with them first”, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, then it is not only listing things to do or to be, it is also acting upon them. Your Priority Pass is there to be used, to be experienced because clarifying your priorities leads to a better life.

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Veronica Sanchez De Darivas, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Veronica Sanchez De Darivas is an expert in inner-self intelligence techniques. She shares tools on how to manage stress and negative emotions and on how to use high vibration words. Veronica is a Spanish grammar and literature teacher. During the last ten years, she has dedicated herself to spirituality and is a Certified Instructor for the Cyclopea Method of Internal Activation of the Pineal Gland (Third Eye), a method created in South America 30 years ago by the spiritual leader Fresia Castro. Veronica is currently the only instructor in the world teaching this life-changing method in English. Veronica is also a number one bestselling author. She has been writing for many years for online magazines and blogs in Spanish and English. Veronica is both a Chilean and an Australian citizen now living in the UK. Her mission is the expansion of consciousness.



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